new year’s resolutions

2011 arrived with a bang (or a wimper) last Saturday.  With it came a multitude of resolutions for the new year.  Just ask anyone you know.  They will say they set this resolution or that resolution.  Or, they will say they don’t believe in resolutions.

The latter one is me.  I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions at all.  So many people will start the year off with a resolution only to let it fall by the wayside within a month or two.  I know this from my own experiences.  I have made resolutions in the past and never kept up with them after a few weeks.  It puts so much pressure on you!

But, if you really think about it, resolutions are like goals.  I hear resolutions about losing weight, paying off bills, saving for something special, giving more to charity.  All of these  are goals!

Why must one wait until the new year to start on a goal?  Is it the idea of a fresh new year for a fresh new start?  Why not think of every day as a fresh new start?  Wake up every morning and tell yourself  “I may have fallen off my goal wagon yesterday, but today is a brand new day!  I can start my goal again.  I don’t have to wait!”

I think the thing that discourages people in their resolutions/goals is falling off track.  A lot of folks have the mentality that if they got sidetracked yesterday, why bother today?

I have been there too.  It is so easy to do!  Especially when it is a goal that you have, not because you really want to, but because you know it will be good for you in the end.  I think it is easier for people to keep moving on an exercise goal if their goal is to run a marathon, because they want to, rather than reaching a certain weight because your doctor said you should.

My doc has been telling me for that last few years to lose weight, and I have never stuck with it.  But now that I have a specific goal in mind that I need to train for, I am motivated to keep working at it.  I want to exercise!  And, I know in the process that I will drop some weight.  It doesn’t matter to me now if I’ve skipped a day of training, I just look at today as a new beginning for my training and I pick up where I left off.

Setting goals instead of new year’s resolutions is a psychological boost to me.  With resolutions, I felt that I resolved to do something within the time span of the new year.  With my goals, I feel I am striving towards something.  The same thing, but a different mentality.  And I didn’t have to wait until the new year to set them!  Do you think this would work for you?

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