i has a pockets!

Pockets is my kitten.  I say mine because my husband was dead set against getting a cat.  But, being the spoiled brat that I am, he gave in.  He loves the cat, as he does all animals, but is always teasing me that it’s mine, not his.

After thinking on it a few days, I couldn’t come up with a name.  There was nothing that fit who he was and what he looked like.  My hubby gave Pockets his name.  The kitten was so small he could fit in our pockets when we first got him!  Plus, his fur reminded us of the character Pockets, in the movie Hatari.

We rescued Pockets in May, 2010, when he was barely a week old.  His mother had abandoned the whole litter.  I was smitten the first time I looked at that tiny face.

I spent many weeks bottle feeding him every 3 – 4 hours.  As I have never been blessed with children, I got a small glimpse of what new mothers go through.  Wow, y’all are my heroes!

He is spoiled rotten and I’m not the only one who spoils him.  ‘Daddy’ does too.  Pockets and Willow like to play with each other, he likes to cuddle with her, and he cleans her a lot too.  She tolerates all of this, spoiling him even more.

Baby brother, big sister.

Pockets is hands down the most affectionate cat I have ever seen.  He always wants to be held and cuddled.   Always!  He has this special “hold me” meow and uses it frequently. He also likes to keep my face, ears, and hands clean.

Pockets thinks he is part dog.  Not being raised by his biological mother or ever being around other cats, he has no idea how he is supposed to act except for what’s instinctual.  So he follows his big sister around and tries to act like her.

Like Willow, he loves peanut butter.  He chases her balls when we throw them.  He won’t chew her bones, but he will lay down with his paws wrapped around them.  He wants to do everything she does, except for getting a bath.  Come to think of it, she never wants to get a bath either!

Can you tell why his nickname is Trouble?

Pockets looking in the Christmas tree to see what Santa Paws brought.

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5 Responses to i has a pockets!

  1. Margie says:

    Beautiful kitty! I am a cat person so I can relate to this post.


  2. Julie Acuna says:

    Your babies are so cute!! I once had a cat that was just like a dog, coolest cat ever. I love that they are so close to one another

  3. dogear6 says:

    I think trouble is the perfect name for a cat! Here’s mine getting ready to pounce on one of the older cats.



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