i’ve conquered the mountain

The mountain of paperwork that was on my desk, that is.  And, it wasn’t just paperwork, it was everything but the kitchen sink.  If my office had plumbing, that would have probably been on top my desk too!

My office, right now, could almost be declared a disaster area.  I don’t know how this formerly organised person got so disorganised!  But,  now that we’ve set our timeline to reach the beach, the organisation seems to be returning.

Mr. Seashell (yes PiP, I got that from you!) and I have separate home offices. That just works better for us.  Once we move to the beach, I’m not even sure if we’ll have one office//den.  The beach house is much smaller than any house we’ve ever owned.

We’re ready for that adjustment mentally.  Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go before we’re ready ‘stuff’ wise and financially.  Just getting my desk cleared, and throwing away or donating a lot of the stuff cluttering it, is a baby step in the right direction.

Now, if I could just wave a magic wand to get the paperwork I need to keep scanned onto my hard drive…

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6 Responses to i’ve conquered the mountain

  1. classyrose says:

    A magic wand would be great but it won’t get rid of the mountain. Try having little hills instead and tackle them one at a time. It’s sometime best to divide and conquer! 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      Thanks Rose. I do take a project in baby steps, but I haven’t seen my desk in so long, when I finally finished, it did seem like I had climbed to the top of a mountain!

  2. SweetB says:

    My office/spare bedroom/toy room is seriously cluttered, I fear that a camera crew from “Hoarders” may show up at any time. Good for you for getting some stuff cleared away!


    • Seashell says:

      I’ve been working on getting rid of the clutter in 15 minute increments. I know I can find at least 15 minutes a day. And if I find more time, I do a little more. That way, it doesn’t seem insurmountable. But once you get started and see a little progress, you get inspired to keep going!

  3. I had a bit of a spring clean in my office at the weekend…gosh the stuff I unearthered! I even found the calender from 2009! now why did I want that?

    Keep up the good work and you will be orgnaised in no time… 🙂

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