go pack go!

I am a huge football fan, and the Green Bay Packers are my team.  But due to bad timing of an event we already had tickets to, I didn’t find out until late this morning who won last night’s game.

The bad timing comes from two things. One, I had to miss the Packers Game. That was hard to take.  Two, it’s a three day weekend for us and it could have been a long weekend at the beach were it not for wanting to attend the Richmond Forum.

The Former First Lady

Last night’s speaker was Laura Bush, speaking about the role of the First Lady in the White House.  Quite an interesting presentation.  She’s a very good speaker and a great, humorous storyteller.

We had a glimpse last night of the private lives of a very public family, while living in the house that belongs to all Americans.  It made me realise what the First Lady must go through, thrust into the spot light, trying to shield her children from the press, and coping with the criticism of her husband.  I wonder how many wives would be as gracious as our First Ladies in dealing with this kind of thing.

After the speech, there was a question and answer session, with the questions coming from the audience.  I like the question and answer period, as all the answers are off the cuff.  The speaker has no idea what questions will be asked.  Mrs. Bush answered all the questions with more personal stories, giving us all more of an insight to constantly being in public life.

I am an admirer of Mrs. Bush, not for political reasons, but because of what she is accomplishing to educate children.  I am a great proponent of reading to your children and giving them the love of reading.  This is one area that Mrs. Bush has focused on.  I am a passionate reader.  It has opened up new worlds to me and it constantly teaches me new things.  All children should have the same opportunity.

Next month’s presentation is Anderson Cooper.  He will be speaking on a 360 degree view of the world.  It is also scheduled on a three day weekend.  Hmmmm, what’s up with that?  A conspiracy perhaps?

We are Forum subscribers, and although we can donate the tickets back, we enjoy going.  Any tickets donated back to the Forum are given to high school students so they can attend.

I think that is a good way to put unwanted tickets to good use.  We took advantage of it in November, when we were unable to attend.  I was sorry to miss it, but it was my sweetie’s birthday, and he wanted to spend it at the beach.  We missed the presentation of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia.  I was able to read her speech after it was posted on the Forum site.  She sounds like a delightful, compassionate leader of her country.

On the other hand, the one thing I realised this morning: if you’re not watching the football game live, and can skip through the commercials, it sure does go fast!  But I can’t resist watching football live.  Go Pack Go!

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4 Responses to go pack go!

  1. SweetB says:

    I hate you had to miss the game (we are Bears fans around here) but listening to Laura Bush sounds very interesting. I am in no way a fan of her husband but I bet she is a great speaker. I am a bit jealous of your tickets!


  2. Seashell says:

    Guess we’ll both be watching the game next weekend! 🙂

  3. Hi

    I think it must be very difficult for any wife/husband and family whose partner is under the media spotlight. I am a very shy person so would hate that level of media attention and public curiosity. Sounds like she coped with it pretty well. I take my hat off to anyone who can do this…

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