a wallpaper exorcism

I almost ashamed to say but, after living in this house for 6 years, we’ve only redecorated one room.  And that room was pretty traumatic.

Be Gone Evil Wallpaper

The folks who owned this house before us were wallpaper happy.  When the house was built, they had most of the rooms wallpapered.  And because it was wallpapered brand new, the wallpaper was applied directly over the fresh dry wall with no base whatsoever.  Can I just tell you how hard that is to remove?

The room that traumatized us so much was the dining room.  Only the walls above the chair rail were papered, but it took us a few weeks to get all the paper stripped.  We had used the spray on wallpaper remover.  It was hard work and very messy.  That discouraged us quite a bit and after that room was completed, we just didn’t do a much more on the house.

Last month, we found a great sale on a wallpaper steamer.  Ordinarily, this is not the kind of thing we would buy, a one purpose tool.  But our thought was, we’ll get all the wallpaper stripped and then sell it on Craigslist to recoup some of what we spend.  Sounded cheaper than hiring someone to strip the paper for us.  It was not in our budget to do that.

This afternoon, as I was doing laundry and cleaning out the pantry, my husband was feeling froggie and decided he was going to see how the steamer worked.  It was so easy, he kept going until the foyer completely stripped.  It only took about three hours!

Now, you have to understand, my husband is not one that enjoys home improvements.  So to have him do this was amazing!  Not only is the wallpaper stripped, but it has motivated us to want to do more.  Not a bad accomplishment for an afternoon!

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2 Responses to a wallpaper exorcism

  1. Margie says:

    That’s great! My house is in a slowwwww remodeling process. My boyfriend and I are not handy, at all. Well, he is an electronics wiz but that won’t get the new flooring done or walls repainted.

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