feast or famine, munchkins!

They are seriously not IT programmers...seriously.

I am a software programmer.  Not a glamorous job, but I love to write code, and a steady salary helps to get us closer to the beach!

As any IT professional knows, IT is usually a feast or famine situation.  There are some times that are so very busy you can barely think of anything but work.  These times cause me to start dreaming in code.  Very weird, dreaming in code.

Other times are down times.  Times where there is little to nothing to do.  Where you surf the internet, read other blogs, keep up with the latest IT advances. I am at the office, I just don’t have work to do.

The work day seems so much longer when I don’t have much to do.  Boredom is exhausting!  I feel more tired from not using my brain that I do from using it.

All in all, I think I prefer the feast!

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5 Responses to feast or famine, munchkins!

  1. joejimgregory says:

    I can remember dreaming in code. Or hardware. I’ve done both. Lately I’ve been dreaming in blog. Really.

    And you’re right. The day is much less exhausting when we don’t have to just wait for it to time out. Being busy if better.

    – Papa Joe

  2. Seashell says:

    I’ve kinda been doing that too. I fall asleep writing blog posts in my head. Hmmmm..are we a little obsessed?
    ~ shell

    • joejimgregory says:

      Maybe a just a little. I am finding it fun to be on the blog. But I’ll put the blogging dreams down to my newness at it for now. When I start going to the internet cafe in the middle of the night for a blogging fix, THEN I’ll know I’m addicted. 😉

      – Papa Joe

  3. Hi guys

    I am definitely hooked on blogging since following the wordpress post a day challenge. I wonder how all by fellow buddies are getting along – and as you can see I am running a couple of days behind as I am in France at the moment, not much internet and 134 emails in my inbox!!
    . I,ve said before I woke up at 3am in the morning once when I thought Papa Joe had missed a day! I am constantley thinking of things to write about and my family were not pleased with me today when I made them wait for their dinner while I took photos of a taditional French Tart! Now I just hope I can extract the photos from my camera onto my laptop. No Pap Joe, unfortunately my laptop is so old I have no slots to post them through 🙂

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