happy, happy, joy, joy

I’ve had a really hard time trying to decide what to write about today.  As I was driving home, I saw the beautiful, fluffy clouds against the deep blue sky and thought I could write about that.

Then I thought I could write about how I’ve been unmotivated to de-clutter for the past few days.  Or about refinancing the first mortgage on the beach house, but that’s another day.  Finally, I decided to write about my “grand-kids”.

I have never been blessed with children of my own, but my older sister has graciously shared hers with me.  We are very close sisters,  and I have always spent a lot of time with her family.

Her kids are as close to having my own as I can get.  Therefore, their children are my “grand-kids”.  Most people would call them great-nieces and great-nephews, but to me and my husband, they are so much more.

Today has been an uneasy day for my family and perhaps that is why I am having trouble writing.  Today, my nephew’s wife is having a custody hearing for her two children.  If that isn’t hard enough, my nephew is in Afghanistan and cannot be with her.

I can’t get into the story here, nor would I want to.  Let’s just say that from what I know, I pray that she wins.  I don’t believe those children need to spend time with her ex at all, even if he is their father.   They would be much happier and better taken care of with her and my nephew.

My nephew and the rest of the family do not treat those children any differently than the biological children in the family.  My nephew is such a good influence on them.  They aren’t afraid of him like they sometimes are with their father.

Not a pleasant subject, I know, but today it’s very important to me.  No child deserves to go through life being so afraid of a parent that they develop abnormal habits to deal with the stress, especially when they are only 7 and 5.


As I have written this, I heard the good news that my niece-in-law has won full custody!  They will be a full-time family now!

Just a bit of more good news for our family.  My youngest “child” is pregnant with her third.  We are so very blessed as a family, even if I have never personally been blessed with children of my own.

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5 Responses to happy, happy, joy, joy

  1. joejimgregory says:

    Congratulations Seashell! I’m glad I didn’t get a chance to check your blog until after the update. That’s wonderful!

    – Papa Joe

  2. joejimgregory says:

    Some tears don’t need to be contained Seashell. Tears of joy are pretty high on that list.

    Enjoy them. You fought hard to earn them.

    – Papa Joe

  3. jenny says:

    Wow, I read this and it makes me cry all over again! I am so blessed to have such an awesome support system! I love you!

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