my first blogging love… j.d.

J.D. Roth is the author of the first blog I ever started reading, Get Rich Slowly.  It’s a personal finance blog that has an incredible amount of great information and sometimes reader’s stories.

I also follow J.D.’s personal blog,  Foldedspace 6.0.  He’s a darn good blog writer, whether it be an informative blog that is his bread and butter, or a personal blog.  J.D.’s personal blog was my inspiration to start a blog myself.

I had fallen behind a few days on reading his personal blog, and had just read Thursday’s post this morning.  It’s titled Action is Character.  This one simple little post just blew me away.  You seriously need to check it out.

Take action!

I know I just wrote about another person’s blog yesterday, but this post was too good to not share.  It’s about WHAT defines our priorities and how WE define our priorities.

I have this list of goals, both long and short term.  I say they are my priorities.  But which ones really are?  Which ones am I actually taking action on?

Of the goals I posted as a priority this year, training for the Susan G. Komen 3 Days for a Cure has not been a priority.  Yes, I’ve been really watching my eating and losing weight to help make it easier for me to walk, but actually walking…?  Not so much!

I’ve got 8 months to train, and while that may sound like a long time, it’s not really.  We’re talking 60 miles in three days for someone who can barely walk 3 miles in one day!  My actions are not making this a true priority for me.

Looking at my actions, my priorities actually are:  paying off the credit card, keeping Willow healthy (although I can only do so much there), decluttering, and having a blog people will actually read.  No matter what I say, these are my priorities.

J.D.’s post gave me a whole new way of looking at things, at looking at myself.  Actions truly do speak louder than words, something we’ve probably all heard but never gave much thought to as it pertains to our priorities.  I need to follow my words with action.  Stay turned for how that goes!

Thanks J.D. for sharing your knowledge, your wisdom, and yourself.  But most of all, thanks for inspiring me to take action.

What are you defining as priorities but not taking action on?

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8 Responses to my first blogging love… j.d.

  1. Actions do speak louder than words – you are spot on. A lot of people talk about things but few have the courage or the will to put action into words.

    “What are you defining as priorities but not taking action on?”

    Mine is losing weight! I thought if I posted about it on my blog I would have to stick to it. Now I am home from France I will find it easier to cick start. I don’t see myself as a fat person until I catch a glimse of myself in the mirror – what a reality check! 😦

  2. That should be Kick not cick| LOL 🙂

  3. Margie says:

    I am going to read it right now…..

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