warm weather memories

I love the spring when the weather is warm enough to open the windows.  It reminds me of my childhood.  It triggers a flood memories.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have air conditioning.  It wasn’t that we lived somewhere that didn’t get hot, we just couldn’t afford it.  My Mom was a full-time mom.  My Dad was the sole supporter of our family of 6. There was no room in the family budget for something as expensive as air conditioning.

Back then, we really didn’t know what we were missing.  Having the windows open was just our way of life.  I often miss that in this air conditioned world.

I always want to have a lazy day when it is perfect spring weather and the windows are open.  I hear neighbors mowing their lawns.  I hear the children laughing and squealing while playing.

There’s something about those sounds that make me want to close my eyes and just remember.  Remember my friends and the fun we had playing as kids.  Remember my Dad and all the other dads mowing the small lawns in our neighborhood.

I remember tying a beach towel around my neck to play batman and always ending up with skinned knees; playing catch with my sisters on the sidewalk in front of the house; playing block ball in the middle of the street, drawing the blocks with chalk.

Playing hide & seek until dark; playing red rover and kickball; swimming in our backyard pool when it was finally warm enough.

My parents would allow us to get an ice cream from the Good Humor man occasionally, and it was a big a treat   Being allowed to walk the few blocks to the corner store to buy penny candy or a coke was also a big treat.

Our lives back then seemed so carefree, unstructured.  There was no soccer practice,  no gymnastics, no dance class.  There were no computers and Mom set limits on how much TV we could watch.  Board games were for rainy days.

We left out of the house in the morning, stopped in for lunch and dinner, and stayed out until it got dark, when all through the neighborhood you could hear the parents calling their kids home.  As long as my Mom knew where we were and who we were with, it was pretty much okay.

The world felt much safer and simpler then.

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12 Responses to warm weather memories

  1. melsar93 says:

    I’ve also lamented the long days of summer being gone. When my kids were young I bought into the Baby Industrial Complex and found it hard to let them have all the freedoms I had growing up. I found a great book a couple years ago called Free Range Kids which helped me rethink some of my parenting techniques. I was never a helicopter parent, but it was easy to believe a lot of the worst-first thinking when it came to letting them explore on their own. Didn’t quite to be so evangelistic about Free Range Parenting, but I really like the concept.

    • Seashell says:

      I’ve never heard of Free Range Parenting, but it sounds interesting. It might be something I need to introduce to my nieces for their kids. Even at ages 5 and 4, they spend time playing on the computer and the Wii. What ever happened to kids using their imagination without relying on electronics?

  2. Margie says:

    Great post. Both of my boys spend wayyyyyyyy too much time in video games. Thanks for reminding me to push them outside more often.

  3. Hi life was simpler. I can remember going out after breakfast, taking a packed lunch and I would be gone all day. Either over to the local stables or playing amongst the bluebells in the woods. Dad made me a go-cart out of some old pram wheels and some planks of wood and it kept me amused for months. Life was simpler and safer then…I dont think we have progressed and todays kids miss out on soooooo much in terms of using their imagination. Instead most need expensive toys and gizmos to be entertained. 😦

  4. Dillon says:

    My childhood-memory-invoking weather is almost the opposite. I get nostalgic when the weather is bitterly cold and dry, but with a perfectly blue sky and bright sun, and dry, powdery snow on the ground. It reminds me of when my dad used to take us skiing.

  5. kloppenmum says:

    Hi there,
    After reading this, I think you’ll really like my latest post: three pictures of our boys playing with things from the back yard – not even a toy in sight, let alone anything electronic! Great post, and welcome to blogging. I began last November, so it’s still an adventure for me, too. Karyn

  6. I love Spring as well except for my annoying allergies. I equally like Summer. Just perfect for swimming and playing water games in the backyard. I had a great time reading your blog.Thanks for sharing.

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