in the arms of an angel

“Nowhere is God’s love closer to us than in the company of our pets…And God loves us all….While no one can offer indisputable evidence of that love by pulling a quote from some holy text, the proof is in the pudding. God’s love is all encompassing. There is plenty to go around to all creatures.”

—  Harold Klemp

This morning, I received the sad news that our closest friends had just lost their beloved German Shepherd.  Now, I know many people will think I am wrong to write this when loved ones are lost every day, but pets are part of our families and we love them.  They love us right back, without fail.

I am writing this through tears.  I loved Daphne also.  She was my friend.  When Mr. Scuba asked how I wanted to spend my 50th birthday, I wanted to go to Texas and spend it with J & V.  We were leaving Willow for the very first time, and with her chronic illness, I was terrified even though our pet sitter was a veterinary technician and came highly recommended.

From the moment we got to their house, Daphne comforted me as if she could sense my fear.  On that visit she brought me such joy and gave such love.  Having her around made me feel that Willow was going to be fine and still love us unconditionally when we got home.  After all, Daphne hadn’t seen me in more than 2 years and she was just as happy to see me and as loving as ever toward me.  I truly feel blessed that I had that time to spend with her just a few short months ago.

Daphne had been with J & V for a long time and I know they are devastated.  My heart is hurting and tears have been flowing for them all morning.

Their pastor had given a sermon a while back saying dogs do not go to heaven, and I know this is disheartening to them.  No, I don’t believe there is anywhere in the bible that explicitly says they go to heaven.  But, if your are Christian (and I am not saying this to offend anyone that isn’t Christian), think about it.  God loved us so very much that He gave us His only son.  God also gave us our dogs.  He gave them to us to be our loving companions, to protect us, to bring us joy.  They love us back and trust us without fail.

I cannot believe that God would give us something so very special, that means so much to us, just to have that taken away from us when we reach heaven.  I believe Daphne is resting in the arms of an angel, who is loving her and comforting her in her loss also.


Beautiful, sweet Daphne



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15 Responses to in the arms of an angel

  1. barb19 says:

    What you have written is just beautiful, and brought tears to my eyes. I am passionate about pets – they give us so much and ask for so little in return.
    When we lose a pet it’s like losing a child, and as many as I have lost over the years, it never gets easier; each one is as bad as losing the first one.
    I believe too, that Daphne and the others are lying in the arms of an angel – it gives me the comfort I need to carry on.

  2. SweetB says:

    Very, very beautiful. So sorry for your loss. I have mourned every single one of our Chows when they passed. My beloved, Pooh, who died ten years ago, I still miss so much.

    (sorry that I have been MIA, getting over another round of flu like cold. Rough winter)


  3. Papa Joe says:

    Fear not Seashell. I know Daphne is in heaven.

    I won’t steal the words here, but I very much recommend reading a story offered freely at the following link. Go to …

    Then look for a story called “Shadow”. It’s offered free to download in both MS-Word and audio format. It comforted me when I first read it and I read it again often. I love the pets we have, but miss those that have passed on.

    My heart is with you.

    – Papa Joe

    • Seashell says:

      That was so touching Papa Joe. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      • Papa Joe says:

        Thank you Seashell. It still brings tears to me every time I read it. It doesn’t matter how distant the loss, a pet is always with us in our heart without reservation.

        Daphne is definitely in heaven Seashell. Never doubt it. If heaven is reserved for the pure of heart, there’s not a dog that’s ever gone anywhere else.

        – Papa Joe

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  5. 1961 Girl says:

    What a touching post and I am so sorry for your loss.

    I have lost a number of beautiful dogs over the years and I know that their spirit is still with me. My special little white Maltese, Shirka, still comes to visit from time to time and I can feel him jump on my lap to bring me comfort at the times I need it the most.

    They are always with us and their spirits live on.

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  7. classyrose says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I too have lost cats over the years and I dread the day I lose one of the two I have now. Cinnamon will be 19 years old this July and I’ve had her since the day she was born. After witnessing the birth of 4 kittens my daughter chose the runt of the litter as the kitten to keep. She’s has a personality all her own but she has been a joy over the years. 🙂

  8. J & V says:

    Its been four weeks since Daphne went to the other side and we still think of her daily. She was a blessing and I can honestly say that her life makes me want to be a better person. I guess its that unconditional love that she gave us.

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