nick and nora

I absolutely love the old Thin Man movies.  We have all six of them.  Matter of fact, I prefer the old black and white movies to today’s movies. Casablanca, Meet Me in St. Louis, Life with Father, Key Largo, Citizen Kane, and so very many others.

Life seemed so much simpler.  No televisions, no cell phones, no computers.  Romance was more than just sex.  Families ate meals together.  Travel was by train.

I want to go back to the time of Sinatra, the Copacabana, the Coconut Grove (before the fire), the supper clubs.  Wouldn’t it be fun to dress up and go to a club, get served dinner, have a show with Sinatra or Dean Martin, then after the show, dancing?

In today’s world, the attitude in restaurants is eat and get out.  The bottom line of table turnover is priority.  Lingering over dinner almost seems frowned upon.  How can you enjoy after dinner coffee or drinks when a fancy dressed waiter hovers around you impatiently?

There are no places that offer dinner and dancing, or dinner and a show any more, unless it’s a dinner theatre.  Eating out no longer ist a special occasion.  How sad.

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3 Responses to nick and nora

  1. Jeremey says:

    I’m down with the idea of supper clubs! When I was little I thought that (from watching old movies) supper clubs were so cool! I could use a little Frank or Dean crooning to some mellow, funky beat while I dine with my favorite people. And then dancing and I’m not talking ’bout booty shakin people. A little foxtrot or two-step maybe a little salsa y merengue to spice it up. You’ve got the right idea Shell. I think that wonderful Uncle of mine should use some of that sentimental-romantic Moore blood and find a place like that for you. Tell him that I put him on the spot!

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