a d’oh! moment

I need meditation!!!

Yesterday, I thought I would prepare today’s post ahead of time and see if I could schedule it to post automatically.  If you read this blog every day, you will have noticed I failed.  I had 2 posts yesterday.

I had no problem with the writing.  I actual had a topic ready and it was easily written.  But, once I had proofread it several times and pronounced good, I hit the publish button.

That’s pretty typical of how things go for me anymore.  I so amuse myself because of it (yes, I’m easily amused).  I amuse my husband with my “antics” also.

This is one of the main reasons I feel the need to get back to meditation.  It gives me a sense of calm.  With that, I feel more organized and focused.  Focus just has gone out of focus for me. I fall in line with Classy Rose’s statement about being disorganized.

When focused, everything goes faster and easier for me.  I can concentrate on one thing at a time instead of my brain flitting here and there.  Lately, I will be working on a task, think of something else, go do that something else, and forget about the task I was originally working on.

As scuba man puts it:  I pour a glass of milk, start doing something else because I thought about it just now, and a half hour later I will be asking him where I left my milk.  It usually cracks him up.  Me…not so much.  My milk has gotten warm!

I usually don’t have this problem at work, but then again, writing code takes a lot of focus anyway.  It’s hard to lose focus when you have 1,000 lines of code on the computer screen right in front of you and it’s your only task.

I sometimes think the best way to stay more focused at home is to set a schedule of what I want to accomplish on this day, complete with times of when to start and how long it should take.

How do you stay focused?  Can you offer me some advice?

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9 Responses to a d’oh! moment

  1. Hi,
    I can so relate to your observations! I now have to write everything down. Especially things that need to be done on the PC…I think hmmmI need a coffee, boilt the kettle and while waiting for it to boil wash up the dishes and then go back to the PC. Meanwhile, the kettle has boiled and I’ve forgotten about my coffee! 🙂


  2. barb19 says:

    I make a daily list of things to do otherwise I would get nothing done because I’d forget or more likely, I’d be on the ‘puter all day! As I complete items on my list, I tick them off which gives me a great deal of satisfaction!
    We are women – we multi-task – I can start to do one job and end up doing 10 other jobs before I come back to complete the job I initially started! That’s why I need my list to follow daily!

    • Seashell says:

      I’m giving that idea serious consideration. I write some stuff that need to be done on a monthly basis on the calendar, but otherwise, it’s all in my head…somewhere!

  3. The Alchemist says:

    I make huge lists and never get around to ticking atleast one of it. ok, maybe 50% of it.

    Well, just keep trying, I think we ll get there eventually. … what can I say? I am in the same boat 🙂

  4. kloppenmum says:

    I’m just reclaiming my ability to concentrate too!
    I’m setting myself a task and putting the timer on the microwave on for 10 minutes. Tonight I accomplised three tasks by doing that, with time to spare on two of them. I’m going to try it again tomorrow and see what happens…

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