it’s coming home

The Vince Lombardi trophy is coming home to title town!  The Green Bay Packers have won the Super Bowl.   All non football fans can skip this post.  It’s not a long one anyway.

Although the outcome is what I had hoped it would be, I was not very impressed with the game itself.  It did not look like a championship game.  It looked as if some of the players didn’t even have their heads in the game.

Dropped passes by Green Bay almost cost them the game (3 Jordy? Seriously?).  It was happening on the Steelers side too.  I have to wonder what happened to Polamalu and Harrison.  At times, I wondered if they had even suited up.  They seemed to be a non-factor and that seriously hurt Pittsburgh.

I thought the game was over when Woodson and Driver were injured.  Losing your team captain and your number one receiver could have totally demoralized the Pack, but it didn’t.  They have overcome a lot of adversity this year and continued to do so in this game.

I am a die-hard Green Bay fan and have been for most of my life.  It’s green and gold all the way for me.  And like Packer’s fans everywhere, it feels good to bring the trophy home, even if we don’t live there.

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