posts that make you cry

As I was tag surfing, I can across a post someone had written about a pet.  This dog was not well-behaved and was described as aggressive.  The person posting was waiting until their female dog went into heat and once the male had bred with her, the owner was going to take it somewhere and just let it loose, because “no one wants to buy an aggressive dog.”  I was horrified!

abandonment is NOT the answer.

I refuse to post the link.  I don’t want to drive any traffic whatsoever to this person’s blog.  I feel this person is cruel, lazy, ignorant, and just plain horrible.  How can anyone do this to an innocent creature?

This dog is obviously domesticated or the owner would not have it.  A domesticated dog doesn’t ask for much but care and love.  It is clear something is missing in this dog’s life.

I asked the owner if the dog has been taken to a vet.  There are a few medical conditions that can cause aggression in dogs.  That is the first step in trying to determine why the dog is aggressive.

I also asked if the dog has had obedience training.  This, when done with love, can overcome a lot of behavioral problems.  If neither of these things have been considered, then the owner is just lazy.  There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.  It’s as simple as that.

The post itself led me to believe neither of these solutions had been tried.  Apparently, taking the animal to a no-kill shelter is also too much of an effort.

I don’t expect this person to even approve my comment, much less respond to it.  I tried not to be mean or judgemental but I am not sure I succeeded.

This post just appalled me.  All I can think about is that poor animal being left far away from home and everything it knows, left to fend for itself after never having to do it before.

This person shouldn’t be allowed to have any pets whatsoever.  What they are planning to so is wrong on so many levels.  What are their actions going to teach their children about caring for others and the value of a life?  Or will they just say the dog ran away?

I’m sorry for such a negative post.  I am very upset.  I think I may give up tag surfing.  There is a lot of good stuff out there, but sometimes one bad apple does spoil the whole barrel.  This post just made my heart hurt.

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10 Responses to posts that make you cry

  1. The Alchemist says:

    I personally am not fond of pets and I dont have any either.
    But a commitment is a commitment. You wont give away a child because he/she is aggressive. I think its just plain cruel and selfish.

    Hey, but do not stop tag surfing.

  2. Papa Joe says:

    No question at all Seashell. There’s never any excuse for abandoning an animal. I’ve seen it. I’ve even picked up abandoned animals to take them to a shelter. But I’d never do it.

    Sad but very necessary post. Thank you.

    – Papa JOe

  3. rubiescorner says:

    I came across your post. Nice pictures and good writing. Keep it up.

  4. barb19 says:

    I too, feel the same as you do about animals, and had I come across that person’s post, I would have felt compelled to write to her too; I couldn’t just let it be. I am horrified that she is going to abandon the dog, and can’t understand why she doesn’t hand him over to a shelter. What she is doing is criminal.
    I realize how hard it was for you to write this post but I’m glad you had the courage, and I hope it is seen by a lot of people here.

  5. Hi Seashell its inconsiderate dog owners like this that make my blood boil! I come across dogs of this ilke often where we live; they are turned onto the streets and then form packs! If the dog is agressive it could bite someone! People who put agressive dogs onto the streets should be locked up. grrrrrrrrr She certainly would NOT approve my comment 😦 Poor animal. grrrrrrr
    sorry rant over! 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      Rant away PiP! Her comments to my comments were equally as wrong. This woman, who has 2 dogs, doesn’t think it’s worth the money to take them to a vet!!! Some people should not be allowed to have pets or children. If they had to take intelligence and compassion tests to be able to, the world would be grossly underpopulated of both pets and children.

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