it’s harder than i thought

I can't seem to stay on!

I have a very hard time staying on topic with my posts.  I had originally thought my blog would be about our journey to reach the beach.  Our ability to move to the beach has to do with finances.

Our marital goals are all focused on the financial aspect.  I include home improvements as part of the financial aspect because those improvements will help make our home in Richmond more desirable to buyers when we are ready to sell.

I have found that less than half of my posts actually deal with finances and reaching goals.  If I don’t have a good topic idea for either of those, I tender to just write whatever pops into my head.

As I am still new to blogging, I am not to concerned about this.  I have read that it takes time to find your voice in your blog.  Maybe I’ll stay with this topic for my blog, maybe I won’t.  Only time will tell.

Do you have a blog topic?  Are you able to stay on topic when you write?  If so, how do you come up with ideas to keep your posts on topic?

Random blogs I visited yesterday:

play 101

American in cologne

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8 Responses to it’s harder than i thought

  1. susan says:

    Good questions. I am not sure of my exact focus for my blog. My “too many” categories attest to this. I know that I am enjoying writing and maybe I will find a topic or maybe I won’t

    I do find your blog interesting. I look forward to reading comments here as maybe I will learn something.

  2. Lian says:

    My blog is called “Life, and other things on my mind”, which basically covers every topic I come up with. Sometimes I feel like I need a clear topic but to be honest I like it like this, I can discuss whatever I want which creates more opportunities to post something. So my point here: You don’t really need a clear focus, just write about things you enjoy!

  3. barb19 says:

    I chose a specific niche for my blog which is about pets, because I am passionate about animals and feel I can offer some good content. I know I have pinned myself down with this niche and sometimes I wonder what to write about to keep it interesting, but something always seems to pop into my mind. The niche keeps me focused.
    Don’t worry too much about your blog Shell, I love following your journey, and that’s what it’s all about – enjoy the ride!

  4. Hi Seashell,
    Please don’t fret about topics you are doing just fine. You write about your everyday life and share your “ups and downs” as though in a diary. Just go with the flow. You have followers and comments so you must be doing something right as we all keep coming back 🙂
    Hang on to your dreams…
    I feel for you and your troubles as we had to overcome redundancy and a life-changing illness – I want to just give you a hugx Just hang in there 8)


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