ultimate relaxation

I’m a kind of simple person when it comes to me.  I don’t keep up with the latest fashions.  I find what’s comfortable and wear it until it wears out.  I have about 6 pairs of shoes, and I don’t like jewelry either.

My hair is long and straight so a trim is all I need every 6 to 8 weeks, not a fancy cut that needs styling every month, although I do color it to hide the gray. 😉

I rarely wear make up.  I don’t get facials.   I do my own mani/pedies.

I have one ‘indulgence’.  I get massages.  For me, it is the ultimate relaxation.  It beats meditation, yoga, hot tubs, even a walk on the beach – although I did have a massage on the beach once, but that’s a different story.

Last night, I indulged and this morning I feel wonderful.  All is right with the world.  I have a wonderful massage therapist, John.  He works part-time at a massage chain and from his home.  I go to his home for my massages.

The atmosphere there is so much nicer than at a chain store or salon.  Since he knows I am a dog lover, he lets his little dog Mojo greet me at the dog.  Can’t get that at a chain store!

The room he uses for massages is so comfortable and cozy.  It’s very tastefully done, has several candles instead of harsh lights, and very relaxing music.  He created it with care and is not just a sterile, chain store room for getting the clients in and out.

John is, hands down, the best massage therapist I’ve ever gone to, and I’ve been through several.  I leave his house feeling like I could just melt into a puddle!  He’s that good.

He remembers what I like, the right amount of pressure to use, and where I hold the tension in my body.   To me, the thing that makes him the best is that he truly wants to make his clients feel good and that shows.

Most people consider massages an indulgence.  I actually don’t.  It is therapeutic.

Massages are very beneficial to your body.  They can improve your range of motion, enhance the immune system by stimulating the lymph system, improve the skin (your body’s largest organ), increase joint flexibility, lessen depression and anxiety, promote tissue regeneration, improve circulation, release endorphins, and many other benefits.

A good therapist is key.  I have gone to John for the last 2 years and since then, my blood pressure has gone down, my clinical depression is getting much better, I don’t freak out with stress, and I think it even helps with the weight loss.

So, yes, this morning I am still feeling like I could melt into a puddle.  I am relaxed, happy, and stress free.  Thanks John!

What do you do for yourself to keep relaxed and stress free?

A big congratulations to photographer Kelly West Mars! Her images are being used on high-quality greeting cards by published Susan O’Hanlon!  Check them out on her Facebook page.

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4 Responses to ultimate relaxation

  1. Melissa says:

    I just got a massage on Monday…for my birthday (D is a good man). He told me on Monday morning that we had an appt at 1 pm, and I had no idea!

    It is the ultimate relaxation, you can’t do anything else, and if you’re like me you talk to your masseuse the entire time so you can’t think about crap you shouldn’t be!

    It’s nice to have things like that once in a while.

  2. Papa Joe says:

    Hi ~shell,

    What do I do to keep relaxed and stress free? I take a walk just on my own to clear my head then come home and fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV. If it’s late enough, I hop in bed for my “nap”. And if I’m lucky, it will last until morning! 🙂

    Your idea sounds good too. But I’d make a VERY big puddele. 😉

    – Papa Joe

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