the cuddler

shape shifter

I often find myself falling behind on blog reading.  The culprit is The Cuddler.

The Cuddler is a shape shifter.  It has two distinct shapes, though sometimes it will split in two and become both at the same time.  Each shape has a distinct personality.

The first shape is older than the second.  It weighs about 33 pounds.  When it is ready to cuddle, it will first need to lick my hands for several minutes before it settles on my lap.

This shape enjoys having my hands run over its body.  Even if it falls asleep, the hand has to stay there or it wakes up.

It’s a little to big to lay in my lap completely, but it still tries very hard.  It usually ends up with just the front half there and the rest on the sofa.

This is the shape The Cuddler first appeared to me as, more than 2 years ago.  Back then, the shape was just beginning and was small enough to cuddle in my lap completely.

This shape has a sweet personality, always eager to please, to make sure the cuddlee is happy and comfy. 

The second shape The Cuddler takes is much smaller, only about 8 pounds, and very, very fluffy.  It appeared to me almost 10 months ago.

This shape will occasionally lick my hands or face.  It’s not the warm, soft licks like the first shape.  This one’s lick are rough.  It will settle into my lap or lay on my chest and then start to lick.

This shape sometimes enjoys me rubbing my hands over its face, but not always.  When I do, there is a look of pure bliss and a motor like sound emanates from it.  When it’s had enough, it will let me know.

This shape fits in my lap completely.  It also likes to lay on my chest, but is a little to big for that now unless I support it with my arm.  Sometimes it will sit on the back of the sofa with part of its body draped over my shoulder.

This shape can also have a sweet personality, but is much more independent than the first shape.  It’s a shape with an attitude.  It’s not there to please me, I am there to please it!

I love both shapes dearly.  I named the first Cuddler shape Willow and the second Cuddler shape Pockets.  They both bring me joy.

Both shapes of The Cuddler...cuddling together!

The Cuddler can cuddle with me any time it wants to!

I spent way too much time with The Cuddler yesterday and couldn’t visit any random blogs!

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4 Responses to the cuddler

  1. Ah, they are so cute! Is that willow? How are you enjoying the beach? – are you haveing a nice relaxing break?

    • Seashell says:

      Yes, that’s Willow and Pockets. They cuddle together a lot.

      I arrived at the beach a few hours ago and I am really enjoying the peace and quiet! It’s cloudy, chilly, and windy, but it’s still the beach. When you can hear the waved crashing on the shore, the weather just doesn’t matter.

  2. barb19 says:

    Ooooo, they are so cuddly! No wonder you didn’t visit any random blogs yesterday, but then, Willow and Pockets look too hard to resist!
    I love the way your wrote this post, describing them as shapes – it held my curiosity right to the end!

    • Seashell says:

      Thanks Barb. Scuba Man really liked that too. He rarely will say anything about what I write and has only left a comment once, but when he read this one, he actually said he loved it! I think it’s one of my favs too.

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