crazy windy

It’s been crazy windy here at the beach.  House shaking windy.

When people come to visit us for the first time at this time of year, the wind shaking the house freaks them out.  We have to explain the house is built that way.

Our Paradise Place

Our house is on wooden pilings, 11 feet above the ground because of the possibility of flooding.  It has to somewhat move in the wind just for structural integrity.  But, it’s still disconcerting to some to see the water in the toilet bowl shake!

Winter is the most windy time of the year here, unless there is a storm.  There are no tall trees on the island because the wind blows them over if they get too tall.

The island is the most popular place on the East Coast for wind surfing and kite surfing.  It’s all because of the wind.

Flooding on the island usually occurs because of the wind blowing the water from the bay on to the land during storms or hurricanes.  Or, from the wind blowing away the dunes that protect the island on the ocean side.

We have to have a separate wind insurance policy on this house, in addition to regular home owners and flood insurance.  The wind insurance costs 3 times the amount of our home owners insurance.

Wind like this makes it close to impossible to walk on the beach.  Even if the temperature is warm, it still will sting your face.

I don’t mind the wind.  I don’t mind it shaking the house or waking me up at night.  This wind lets me know I’m here at the beach, and that makes me crazy happy.

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6 Responses to crazy windy

  1. Theresa says:

    Beautiful house! I never realized there was wind insurance 😉

    Crazy happy is good, glad to hear.

    • Seashell says:

      We love our little beach box, even if it is one of the smallest houses on the ocean side of the island. The wind insurance is definitely needed here. The roof was new when we bough the house 3 1/2 years ago and we’ve already had to have minor repairs twice because of the wind. We didn’t use the insurance either time, but it is comforting to know it’s there in case of major damage.

  2. Country Living says:

    OMG! House to die for! Love it! I could deal with the winds!:-) That is, if I’m not walking on the beach! That could get annoying! Great picture!!

  3. What a lovely house! We have gale force winds from the Atlantic and the wind gusts are scary…We are on top of the cliffs so just shut the shutters and put ear plugs in. If you go on the beach in the strong winds you are literally sand blasted!
    Like you I adore beach life… 8)

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