my passion

I read a lot of minimalism and financial blogs.  One theme that runs through both is to find work you are passionate about.

I am all for that.  The problem I have is…how do I find my passion?  My passion is my husband and my little family.  Taking care of them is a job I love.  It doesn’t pay well, but the fringe benefits are amazing!

I truly do not know how to find my passion.  There are so many websites, blogs, and such out there about the subject.  Is this something I need to concentrate on this week?  If I understand what my passion is, will I be more motivated to want to go back to work?

I thought that being a software developer was my passion when I started developing.  I still do love to write code.  Unfortunately, over the years, programs have been written that will actually write the code for you.  I haven’t had a job in several years where the majority of what I did was to write hard-core code.  Developing is no longer challenging for me.

Reading is a passion for me.  I love to read.  If money were not an issue, I would consider going back to school to get a degree in library science.  Would that be a good use of an education in this economy, though?  Being a librarian would be a job I would be passionate about.  Encouraging and introducing others to reading would be very fulfilling to me.  As it is now, unfortunately, counties and school systems all over this country have had to make cuts so deep that libraries are not getting enough funding for what they need.  Our public library had cut the hours they are open.  They depend on used book sales for some of their funding and make generous use of volunteers.

I enjoy working on home improvements.  Maybe I should get a job working with a home contractor.  Yes, please hire me.  I’m a middle age woman whose only experience is working on her own home.  But would that be my passion?  Would I like working on someone else’s home as much as I do my own?  I don’t think so.

I don't KNOW what I want...

It leaves me stuck.  I changed careers a dozen years ago, from accounting to IT.  Am I ready to do another career change?  Do I want to start all over again?  The answer is yes if it was something I would love to do.  I could handle starting at the bottom and working my way up the so-called ladder.  I’ve done it twice already.  I know I could do it again.  But what ladder?

How do I find my passion?  How did you find yours?  Are you working in a career you are passionate about?

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9 Responses to my passion

  1. Theresa says:

    Another interesting post but unfortunately I don’t have advice for you, I’m kind of in the same situation. I enjoy being a mom & wife; I enjoy reading & photography…none of these have potential for income for me. ‘What ladder?’, very good question!

  2. boyonabudget says:

    If you are willing to get an inbox full of junk mail offers afterwards, here is a link to a career test that might help you find the perfect fitting ladder:)

    Mine always points to baking, cooking, food service. But I know in my heart of hearts that I would never make enough money to live as comfortably doing that as I do pushing papers all day.

    Good luck on your soul searching and career seeking journey.

    • Seashell says:

      I may have to try that Kathleen. I would have thought by now I would know what I want to be when I grow up. I think my problem is I just don’t want to grow up!

  3. Penny says:

    I love your blog, as I have a great passion for the beach, anywhere where water is near. I will visit often. Our passions is what keeps us moving, working in the field of your passion adds joy to the meaning of going to work each day. I am working in a field, that is not exactly my passion, but adds to my passion for having a creative mind.
    Good luck to you, I hope your job search will lead you to happiness and joy. Beautiful blog !

    • Seashell says:

      Thanks for stopping by Penny. I do need to find a job that gives me joy. It’s where we spend the majority of our waking hours 5 days a week.

      I’ll be stopping by your blog soon to check it out.

  4. Hey, dont go searching for your passion. I mean go, if you feel like it. But dont be disappointed if you dont find it. because your passion would come beckoning you anyways, when it would and you would it is that. You would just know.

    But for now, I understand you need to do something. So, well, think about doing something, that thing which you like to do anyway.

    My passion, ‘writing’, came calling out to me. Perhaps, that’s a story, I would share some day in my blog. perhaps, sooner, now that you indirectly gave me a topic to blog about 🙂

    Oh, I would love to have a career in a library too. Just yell if you need a partner 😉

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