the new bloggers

This past weekend, my grandniece and nephew asked if I could help them each set up a blog.  They had read some of my posts and thought it would be cool to have blogs of their own.

Knut the polar bear

After checking with my niece (mommy) to get her approval, we created a page for each of them.  In the process, I discovered neither of them check their email on a regular basis, something I have suspected for a while given they rarely email me back.  I told them they needed to start checking it at least once a day because they will get comments on their posts and will need to approve them.

My grandnephew will be good at this.  He’s a very creative person, incredibly smart, and is very introspective.  Some of the discussion we have amaze me and I have no doubt that once he really gets into blogging, some of his posts will too.  It will act as another outlet for his creativity.

My grandniece is a little too young to really take it seriously.  My thinking is she wanted a blog because Aunt Shell has one.  While flattering, I hope that the reason turns into something more.

I wanted to do this for them as a way to encourage them to write.  Having a blog is a great learning tool.  My grandniece did a blog on the passing of Knut the polar bear.  She googled Knut after we had read together that he had died, and read more information about him.

My grandnephew will be able to hone his writing skills and become that much more creative.  He’ll have a place to express himself to an audience any time he wants to.

I’m not sure if either will continue although I hope to encourage them to.  It’s good for them to get their thoughts out even if no one reads them.  It will help to make them more rounded, more thoughtful, more able to express themselves.

Any ideas on how to encourage two new young bloggers to continue blogging?

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8 Responses to the new bloggers

  1. Theresa says:

    That’s awesome! How old are they? Two of my girls have blogs. My oldest daughter has always had a talent for writing so she jumped at the suggestion of starting a blog & sharing her writing with the world. The youngest’s writing skills aren’t as strong but still wanted to try and I think the blog has actually helped her improve. They are both part of Postaweek2011 which I encourages them to write. I told them that if they’re not interested in fiction then they should write what they feel they know about, things that are important to them. I will definitely check out the new blogs 🙂

  2. Country Living says:

    YAY!! More blogs to read!! Wish them both the best of luck in their adventure!

  3. barb19 says:

    It’s wonderful that you are encouraging them to write a blog Shell – they will discover more about themselves as they write – and that can only be a good thing. I hope they keep up with it and with some gentle prodding from you, I think they will!
    The only advice I can give you in the way of encouragement, is to tell them to write about what they know, and from the heart; people respond to that and they will be thrilled when they start getting comments (as we all do!), and that will spur them on.

  4. Hey seashell,
    Ileft a comment but it came back with server 504 error. will have to post tomorrow now as it is 00.36 and I need my beauty sleep 😦

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