switching it up

We arrived at the beach for a week, maybe two, on Thursday.  The plan originally was to go for a long weekend.

As we were chatting Thursday morning, Scuba Man asked why we were going just for the weekend?  What is stopping us from going for a week or two?  The answer is nothing.  Neither of us has any appointments in the next few weeks, and he can work from home, so I packed for a longer stay.

It seems like we do more of our planning talks here.  Maybe that’s because we want this as our future, our permanent home.  We had another goals discussion yesterday.  It was much different from the one we had last time we both were here for the week.

Scuba Man brought up the fact that since I was laid off, I seem lost, like I have no direction, no purpose.  He said it looked like I was just floundering.  I realised he was right.  That is exactly how I’ve felt, he just put it into words.  I need something concrete to work towards other than just finding a job.  No matter how much effort I put into that, it’s mostly out of my hands, especially with so few positions available.

Scuba Man suggested spending a bit of money and concentrate on getting the Richmond house is good enough shape to rent it out.  We may not get enough in rent to cover the mortgage, but it would be a yearly rental, not a weekly, and the tenant would be responsible for paying the utilities, not us.

We could live here at the beach.  I could then get a job down here to also bring in some extra money, even if it’s just a seasonal job.  In theory, it sounds wonderful.  But, I AM the worrier…

I don’t think we would have the house ready for 4 -5 months, unless we concentrated to the extent of not doing anything else at all, including spending time here.  Once it’s ready, would we be able to find tenants?  We first need to investigate this through rental management companies.

This leads to my second worry.  What happens if we spend some of our savings to get it fixed up and then we can’t rent it?  We know about how long our savings will take us while I’m unemployed, barring any emergencies.  It’s scary to me to use some of this savings now for something that might not pan out.

But, we need to do something.  The more time goes by, the more discouraged I feel about the job prospects in Richmond.

I could get a job at the beach very easily now, but it would be seasonal and low pay.  I wouldn’t mind that, but it’s not going to help us get to where we need to be.  I’m not even sure it would make our savings last longer, as being here full-time would mean higher utility bills and more money spent on gasoline as one or the other of us will be doing more travelling so we can spend time together.

With the market so depressed, we know we couldn’t sell the house in Richmond for what we owe.  Although the number of houses is low, there have been foreclosures and short sales in our area and that is bringing down the overall prices of all houses for sale.  It’s not that we would want to make a profit (although that would be nice), but we would need to break even.

So, I guess we’ll take the chance.  I will concentrate all my efforts in getting the house decluttered, painted, and generally spruced up in hopes of being able to rent it.  We’ll get the new carpet and things we have put off doing.  We’ll work towards the goal of getting the Richmond house rented and see what happens from there.

It’s scary, but what else can we do if I remain unemployed?  The prospect of doing nothing is at least as scary if not more scary. If nothing else, it gives us a direction to work toward and it may bring us closer to our dream of moving to the beach full-time.

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6 Responses to switching it up

  1. Hi Shell,
    You are a worrier 🙂 and sounds almost like you talk yourself out of a decision as you analise it from every angle. I’m a trying to worry less…but sometimes worrying just creates a dull ache in your stomach. Do you feel it? One question…do you need a new carpet with renters going in? Will a good spring clean suffice?…yep, I know you’ve already discussed that…hence the new carpet…but a year from now the renters could have wrecked it. See I’m worrying now 🙂
    I can really empathise with you on money, I worry every single day and the niggles will not go away. I often wonder how much money is enough but it is amazing how creative you become to save money!


    • Seashell says:

      Oh, PiP! Scuba Man says you know me so well. We do need a new carpet, even without renters. The one we have down now is so worn and in one spot has a big hole, thanks to Willow trying to dig herself out of confinement when she was a puppy. We’re planning on something inexpensive for just that reason! Help keep me straight with the worrying PiP! I’ll need all the help in can get.

  2. barb19 says:

    PiP is right Shell – you are a terrible worrier, and when you come up with an idea, you immediately put obstacles in your way – things that might never happen! I know it’s hard for you, but stop worrying so much about everything my friend!
    But, you have to take some action about the house and I think you realize what you have to do. Get a new (fairly cheap) carpet, do the house up as best you can without spending too much on it, and then rent it out. People are always looking for houses to rent – you will find someone suitable.
    Making a decision is the hard part, but once you have – and with a plan of action – you have direction, and you will feel a lot better in yourself.

  3. boyonabudget says:

    If Scuba Man can work from home, why not just sell the house in Richmond as is and move to the beach full time?? He could write off travel expenses when he does have to be in Richmond for work. Just another option to consider:)
    Enjoy your time at the beach!!

    • Seashell says:

      Right now Kathleen, we wouldn’t be able to sell the house for enough money to break even. Although it might sell for what we owe on it, once you throw in all the closing costs, realtor commission, etc. we would end up having to pay out of pocket. Depending on how long it would take to sell, we might not have the funds to pay. Houses in our neighbourhood aren’t selling very fast at all. It would be the preferable way to go if we could!

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