the winds of march

I’m sitting here this morning watching the flag on the deck wave in the wind.  There is something about seeing your country’s flag wave that just makes you feel good.

It’s March on Hatteras Island.  March means wind.  In March, our beach house shakes… literally.

Our house is on 11 foot pilings.  A lot of the houses on the island are, because of the possibility of flooding.  This time of year, the wind blows so hard that it causes the house to shake.

It’s always amusing when this happens and we have first time visitors.  They start to look a little worried.  Even though we explain the house is build to sway in the wind, they still look a little unsure when it happens until they get used to it.

On the east coast of the United States, March is considered one of the best months for flying a kite, because of the wind.  Except on the island.  Try flying a kite here in March and you’ll most likely lose it in the wind.

March wind on the island mean windsurfers begin to appear on the ocean and the bay.

March on the island means you never know where your empty trash can might be after the garbage truck leaves.  The wind will catch it and blow in down the road.

March wind means empty beaches.  It’s hard to struggle against the wind and blowing sand.  It’s hard to breath and impossible to stay warm.

March wind on the island means wearing sweats instead of jeans because sweats block the wind so much more.

March wind on the island can wake you at night, whistling through the trees and causing branches to tap on your windows.

March wind also makes the shadows of these same trees dance on the bedroom walls.

March wind on the island is cold, ruthless, and exciting.  I wouldn’t have in any other way.

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8 Responses to the winds of march

  1. Country Living says:

    Hi Shell. Love your post! Brings back memories of my aunt and uncles house before they passed away. It was so cool! They lived on the St. Marys river in Florida, and it was nitorious for flooding! Their house was on stilts, a very steep climb! It was an awesome house though! and my cousin has pictures of them actually haveing to use canoes to get to the house because it was so flooded! I’ll have to see if she still has the pictures! Wind surfing is awesome! Tried it once. Would love to do it again!

  2. This reminds me of how windy it can get at my beach house in the spring. Our flag tends to tie itself in knots around the pole, and my face gets sprinkled with water when I stand at the bottom of the stairs to the beach. As the wind blows, pushing my hair into knots, I can really feel the power of nature. It’s lovely.

    Beach house time is the best time in the world.

  3. Hi Shell,
    Love this…theme on March winds…you are really poetic!

  4. barb19 says:

    Great post Shell, I love the way you describe the wind and it’s effects – and I love the photo of the windsurfer with the sun setting behind – very dramatic!

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