grandparents’ day

A couple of weeks ago, our niece surprised us by inviting us to attend grandparents’ day at my grand-nephew’s pre-school. Our first “grandparent” anything was today.

As we don’t have kids of our own, my oldest sister graciously shares hers with us.  We consider her kids as close to having kids of our own that anyone could be.  Her grand kids are our “grands” also.

So, it was up early and on the road early, as the Christian school he attends is almost 2 hours away.

It was an enjoyable morning.  The school put on an Easter program for the grandparents, with Hayden’s class singing a few songs.  Well, all except Hayden.

It turns out he is very shy at school.  While the rest of the class was on stage singing and moving their hands to act out the songs, my sweet Hayden was just standing there staring at everything.

The poor thing looked like he had stage fright!  He didn’t do anything at all.  It was too cute.  But, of course I would say that.  My grand kids are perfect!

When it was all over, and the kids went to find their grandparents in the audience, the only thing he wanted to do was bury his face in his Pop-Pop’s shoulder.  Quite a change from the rowdy little boy he is at home.

He was very excited to show us his classroom and where he sits.  We got to see all the work of his posted on the wall around the room and meet his teachers.  Mr. Shy Man appeared again and wouldn’t tell his teachers who everyone was (both his grandmothers, his Pop-Pop, and his grand-aunt and uncle).

Then, it was off to lunch with the family.  It was a lunch long on fun.  Meal times with my sister, brother-in-law, and any of ‘our’ kids always results in a lot of laughter.  It doesn’t matter where we are or how many of the family are gathered, our meals are always happy.

We ended the afternoon just hanging out at my sister’s house talking, playing Wii, and watching Willow and my sister’s dog Cody try to stay away from my niece’s two bulldog puppies.  That in itself provided tons of entertainment.  Those puppies are quite tenacious!

Now we’re home, all settled and snug in our jammies.  Willow is resting from her introduction to her new cousins.  Pockets is happy the family is back at home with him.  We are all feeling very blessed to have such a loving family.

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2 Responses to grandparents’ day

  1. barb19 says:

    You are certainly blessed!

  2. Serenly blessed 🙂

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