ode to my neti pot

There you sit on my bathroom sink
Empty, yet so full of promise
Soft gray on an olive-green towel

You wait patiently to be filled
With the soft elixir to rinse sinuses
Warm water, sea salt, and baking soda

With your long spout and small handle
You almost look like a tea-pot
But at times, what you hold is so much nicer

Those times include spring
When the tree pollen is high
And my head is aching from the yellow dust

Those times include summer
When the grass is pollinating
And yard work makes me sneeze

Those times include fall
When the rag weed is in bloom
And a hanky must be carried everywhere

Those times include winter
When a cold falls upon me
And allergies have gone

A true ode this is not
But glorifying none the less
For an object that brings relief

I adore you little neti pot
You clear my head and nose
You make me breathe easier

I wouldn't want to live without you
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8 Responses to ode to my neti pot

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    I have learned something new. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I was intrigued to know what this was 🙂

  3. barb19 says:

    When I saw it, I had no idea what it was (looks like a strange kinda tea pot!) So I am now enlightened, thanks to you! It’s your trusty little friend.

    • I thought it was a gene lamp! I’ve not heard of a neti pot before…just goes to show what we learn from our blogging buddies!

      • Seashell says:

        It is wonderful. I have really bad allergies and using my neti pot really does help. It’s much better than taking those medicines that make me sleepy all the time.

        Maybe it is a little bit of a genie lamp…

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