I had the first interview of my unemployment career today.  It went so so.  I never feel like I do well with tech interviews.

This is how I usually feel after an interview...

I was not a technological stand out.  I knew about 50% or so of the questions asked.  Some, I had no idea what they were talking about!

There were a couple of things I knew that others  interviewed didn’t know or had never heard of.  One example, a Virtual Private Database, is a pretty important concept, so that may work in my favour.

They seemed impressed by the questions I asked.  It seemed they were impressed because I even asked questions.

Over the years of looking for jobs, I have realised a job interview isn’t just for the employer to interview the prospective employee, but also for the prospective employee to interview the employer.

If we think about it, if hired, do we want to walk into a situation that we know nothing about?

I would prefer not to take a job with a micro-manager.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I don’t like working for someone who doesn’t actively manage, either.

Jumping into a dysfunctional team isn’t the best of situations.  A team that can work together, help each other, and bounce ideas off one another is the best environment.  Working with people who are afraid to share because they want to get the credit for everything is bad for the morale of those team members that think teamwork is important.

The job sounds interesting.  I think the challenge will be learning the systems themselves, but after that, I’m not sure.  I’m also not sure about the speed in which they want to make their decision.  Interview people this morning and offer this afternoon.  Maybe I feel that way  because I don’t want to be forced into making a decision that fast.

There is also the consideration that this is only a contract job, advertised for 8 months.  As with all contract jobs, there is always the possibility of it going longer, but that is not a guarantee.

It’s a lot to consider.  I am unemployed.  I will have no income after April 30.  What is one to do when faced with a short-term contract situation when a full-time position is wanted?

Do I take a short-term contract position just to bring in income?  With that, there is the possibility of having to go through the job hunt again in a few months.  Not a pleasant prospect.

If I take a contract position, do I continue to look for a full-time position?  This goes against my general way of thinking.  I made a commitment to the contract position and to not take it/quit in a short amount of time would bother me.

It’s a question of what would bother me more, breaking the commitment I made or not doing what I feel is better for me and my family.  How does one decide?

Quite frankly, I would do what is right for me and my family.  There seems to be little or no commitment from employers to employees any more.  As employees, we have to do what we feel is best for ourselves.

It’s probably a moot point, as I do not think I will be offered the position.  I think they are looking for someone with much more DBA experience than I have.  I am a programmer.  I can write code all day long, but I don’t know much about database administration.

I hate interviews.

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16 Responses to interviews…yuck!

  1. melsar93 says:

    I know what you mean about the technology questions. I can usually figure things out, but most of my training has been self taught so there are some concepts that I have heard of but can’t really talk intelligently about. Usually they are things I don’t need to do my job, but I hate sounding stupid in an interview.

    • Seashell says:

      I felt that way about some of the questions they asked. I know the concept but have never used it. I did feel rather stupid in the interview, but the guys tried to put me at ease.

  2. Brenda says:

    Good luck in your hunt. If it were me and I needed a job and offered this position, I would probably take it and continue to look for something full-time. Some paycheck is better than none imo. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya! Please keep us posted!


  3. What area are you looking into for jobs? I know a place that’s hiring Java programmers…

  4. Hi Shell,
    I would do what is right for your family as employers, at the end of the day, only do what is right for them. They make commercial decisions so in effect that is what you would be doing to protect your family. If you got the job it would at least give you breathing space while the job hunt continued. However, I admire your ethics 🙂
    Good luck

    • Seashell says:

      Yes, PiP, it’s always the bottom line for the employers. After being told several times in my last position that I was the best programmer on the team, the decision was made to keep the person that made the least amount of money.

      I have to question if they really save money that way. If it takes someone that isn’t as knowledgeable a longer time to do the job, does it really save money? I guess if you take into consideration that it is a salary job, it does save money because there is no overtime pay. But miss a deadline and get penalised for it, and it could get costly.

  5. Kristin says:

    Interviews are stressful, but a necessary evil most of the time. I’m sure you did great! I’ve done both contract and “permanent” work (and even a contract job that turned into “permanent,”) and I have to say- I don’t mind contract work. It’s kind of nice knowing that there are always possibilities out there for something else. 🙂 Good luck with everything!

    • Seashell says:

      Thanks Kristin. I don’t mind the contract work, I just hate having to look for another job when it’s over. My last “contract” job was scheduled to be for 4 months and I quit after 4 1/2 years! I must have done better than I thought because they came back to the recruiter for more info twice yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. barb19 says:

    Yes, interviews are yuck – but a necessary evil as we all know. We just have to get through them the best way we can, and I think you must have come across in a positive way, especially when asking the right questions!
    A contract for 8 months or so is better than nothing – ya gotta look after your family first. You could checkout other jobs towards the end of your contract – just in case they don’t renew. At least you will have had some money coming in to the house during that time. Good luck and keep us posted on the result of the interview Shell.

  7. I think you will be offered it and should take it because they’ll love you and it will turn into a full time position. They won’t want to part with you.

    So when they offer the job take it and work your butt off, concentrate on giving them all they need and more instead of searching for something else. If the time gets near the end and there’s no mention of keeping you then start looking for something else.

    If nothing else, the position will give you experience you can take to your next career. 🙂

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