the top 15 reasons I love where I live

  1. View from across the reservoir.

    There are so many trees!  I love trees and our neighbourhood has a lot of them.  We have 5 oak trees and one pine tree in our yard and most of the neighbours have just a many.  Since it’s an older neighbourhood, and was built without tearing down the trees, they are all mature trees.

  2. It’s fairly quiet.  There is the sound of children playing and lawn mowers, but no traffic noise or things like that.
  3. There are miles of bike and walking paths.  Some areas look as if I’m walking through the woods.
  4. Our house sits on the tee box of the 5th hole of a golf course.  We can’t afford to join the course’s country club, but it’s fun sitting on the deck talking to and watching the golfers tee off.
  5. It’s close to a major highway, but not close enough to be able to hear the traffic on it.
  6. It’s just a short ride to shopping.  We actually have a grocery store we could walk to, about a mile away.
  7. Sailing on the reservoir

    It’s a very easy drive to get down town with no traffic.

  8. There is a community association that keeps up the community standards.  The entire community looks good.  They notify residents if the standards are not being upheld and give them a period of time to comply.  They take care of the open spaces, the park, and the playgrounds.
  9. There is hardly any crime in the area.
  10. It’s close enough to family but not that close!
  11. They have a Fourth of July parade and fireworks.
  12. They have a Christmas home decorating contest.  It’s wonderful riding around and seeing all of the houses decorated with lights.
  13. There is a very pretty reservoir and park in the community.
  14. They have a green market from spring to fall, which is a small farmer’s market selling fresh, locally grown produce.
  15. Our next door neighbours are very nice!  We don’t have to worry about things when we go away.  They look after the house, collect the mail, etc.  They’re great people.
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2 Responses to the top 15 reasons I love where I live

  1. barb19 says:

    Sounds like the perfect neighbourhood Shell – pretty hard to find these days! Everything is at hand and so convenient! And having great next door neighbours is worth it’s weight in gold!

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