the top 10 reasons I don’t love where I live

  1. We don’t have anything in common with the majority of the other people who live here.  Most of them are parents and are very busy with their children.  If you don’t have kids in this community, there are very few ways to meet others.
  2. Very pretty until the leaves start to fall.

    In the fall, the leaves are stupid bad.  We have to take several pick up trucks full of mulched leaves to the dump every fall.  It’s one of the bad things about having so very many trees in the neighbourhood.

  3. The community association sometimes borders on ridiculous.  Everything must be approved, from outside paint colours, to types of doors and windows, to fences and landscaping.  I know they do it to keep up the standards, but they seem to go a little overboard at times.
  4. Inconsiderate pet owners let their pets poo anywhere they want and don’t bother cleaning up after them.
  5. The mail man can’t seem to figure out how to close our mailbox correctly.  At least once a week, it is hanging open when we check the mail.  Gets a little messy if it’s raining.
  6. The soil is mostly Virginia red clay.  It makes it hard to grow grass.  We try, but weeds are in abundance in our yard.
  7. Pollen, very high pollen counts in spring, summer, and fall.  Tree pollen, grass pollen, and rag weed.

    Beautiful golf course

  8. The golf course starts maintenance around 6:00 am in the summer.  Makes it hard to sleep late.
  9. There are no side walks, so everyone walks in the middle of the roads.  Kids have a tendency to not want to move to the side when you want to drive by.
  10. It’s not the beach.  ‘Nuff said!
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