happy birthday Pockets…we think

The day he was adopted.

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating Pocket’s first birthday.  We think he was born around May 8th, based on what our vet told us when we rescued him.  She thinks he was only a few days old so we took our best guess.

Pockets' first Christmas. He let Willow open all his gifts for him!

I can’t believe he’s been with us for almost a year!  He has become such a big part of our little family.

I have always been a cat lover.  I didn’t really become that much of a dog lover until we got Willow.  Now, I am a full fledge animal lover!

I was missing having a cat around the house so, against what my husband really wanted (or so he says), Pockets came into our home.  Now, Scuba Man loves him and spoils him as much as I do.

He is, hands down, the most talkative kitty I’ve ever seen.  He talks when he sees the birds and squirrels outside.  He talks when he wants to be fed.  He talks when he wants to be held.  He just wanders around the house talking.

He still has some of his kitten tendencies in that he likes to lay on my chest or where ever he can feel my breathing and heart beat.  I think this is because that’s where he spent a lot of time when he was still being bottle fed.  Since young kittens can’t heat their own bodies, he was almost constantly cuddled on my chest when I was sitting, just to keep warm.  It still is his favourite place to lay, even though now I have to put my arm under him to support him.

2 months old

He still loves to be held and cuddled, especially when we are standing or walking.  He will start talking to us and when that doesn’t work, he will stretch his front paws up on us until we pick him up.  He then lays in our arms, perfectly content.

Pockets has a few dog like tendencies that I’m sure he got from Willow.  He follows us around just like she does.  He seems to always want to be in the same room with us.  He will chase the ball when we throw it for Willow, but fetching it back is beneath him.  When she has a chew bone, he has to go over and give it a gnaw to make sure it’s not something he wants.

He loves his big sister and she loves him.  They love to wrestle and chase each other through the house.  They love to cuddle together and sleep.  When Willow is gone for the day at the vets, he whines until she comes home.  He misses her that much!

My baby boy.

Pockets has brought a lot of love and joy into our lives.  I can’t imagine him not being here.

Happy Birthday Pockets!  May you have many, many more.

I has you under my spell, Mommy. More noms...more noms...more noms...

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5 Responses to happy birthday Pockets…we think

  1. melsar93 says:

    As my daughters would say, “Awwwwwwwww!”

  2. barb19 says:

    Wow -he was so tiny! Now look at him, I love the photos of him Shell. So with a cat and a dog, you are a fully-fledged animal lover – join the club! It’s great, isn’t it?
    Happy Birthday Pockets – many more to come!

    • Seashell says:

      It is great Barb. Since adopting Willow, and then Pockets, I have a new found compassion for all animals. I was reading a novel a few months ago and in it, the character and his horse got into an accident. The character died and the horse had to be put down. I cried so hard about the horse! I think it’s the innocence of animals that gets to me.

  3. Dillon says:

    I love cats! One of our cats looks a bit like Pockets, only less fluffy. I cannot imagine living without a cat, which is why I’ll be taking mine with me when I move. 🙂

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