you want to kill who???

A few days ago, while Scuba Man and I were running errands, the conversation turned to killing.  I said I didn’t think I could ever kill someone unless they were hurting someone I love.

Scuba Man’s comment was ‘I could kill Obama.’  He proceeded to rant about how he could kill Obama amidst me asking ‘Seriously?  You could kill someone?’.

I must have looked at him like he was crazy.  I didn’t know this man who was sitting next to me in the truck!  This was not the man I met and fell in love with more than 21 years ago.  That man wouldn’t kill someone out of hate, just for what that person believed in.

I started to get a little scared at this aspect of my husband.  I truly could not believe he was saying this.  The thoughts running full speed through my head were doubts about how I could not know this about him.

My thoughts tumbled so fast!  I thought ‘I can’t live with this person!  I don’t know who he is.’  He has never expressed anything like this hatred toward anyone before.  What brought this on?  What was the trigger?  Should I be worried that he might follow through with this?  That’s how serious his tone was.  That’s how much hate was in his voice.

I was in disbelief.  I asked him “Who are you and what did you do with my husband?  I know you don’t like Obama’s politics, but that’s no reason to want to murder the man!”  His response:

“Obama?  I meant Osama!  You know, bin Laden?  The guy that murdered all those people on 9/11?  Not the president, silly.  But yeah, their names are close…”

And suddenly, amidst all the laughter, my husband was back.

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5 Responses to you want to kill who???

  1. Scuba Man says:

    To make sure the record is straight. I am a very patriotic person. I may not like his politics and I may want him out of office but he is still my President and you don’t mess with my President. Osama bin Laden …. that’s a whole different story.

    • Seashell says:

      Sorry, babe. I should have included that. It was still so funny! And yes, I was totally, totally freaked out! Especially because I, of all people, know how patriotic you are, how much you love this country, and how much you respect the office of the president. I honestly thought you had lost your mind, or were on drugs, or something! I’m so glad you are still the same hottie I fell in love with all those years ago! 😉

  2. cousinmegan says:

    Tee Hee Scubaman had a Geraldo moment….he’s not the only one! I myself don’t agree with his politics and think he’s just sitting up on the hill eatin steak, so only what 2more years, hopefully it will fly by fast. Hats off to the Navy Seal that killed Osama!

    • Seashell says:

      So true Megan. For a minute there, I thought he had lost his mind! I have those moments often, but he usually doesn’t. I think that’s why it was a big surprise.

  3. Hi Shell,,,I hate the old binliner. Glad to hear he is no more 🙂 I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday – all those poor people.
    Have you started your new job yet…sorry running a bit behind on everyones news.

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