Hi.  My name is Shell and I am a Farmville addict.  I have been farmless for 7 months.

Yes, I used to waste time on Farmville.  Lots of time.  It is a fun game.  A game you can play for hours at a time.  It is addicting.

I had lots of neighbours that I could visit and help.  I had lots of crops.  I had a huge farm where I was constantly moving buildings, fences, and crops.

I could sit for a few hours a day and play.  And I had to play every day to harvest crops.  At one point, I had a farm on Scuba Man’s account too.  I worked played both farms every day.

Last October, we went on a 10 day visit to Houston.  Before we left, I made sure all my crops, on both farms, were harvested, even though we were taking our laptops with us.

That’s when I quit Farmville cold turkey.  I haven’t been to the farm since then.  I have been tempted a time or two, but have stayed away.

Now, there is a new temptation.  Lady GaGa is releasing songs from her new album on a special section of Farmville called GaGaville.  Farmers will need to complete tasks to hear one new song a day, beginning May 17.

I am in awe of this marketing idea!  There is something like 46 MILLION people who play Farmville.  And, a lot of those farmers are also fans of Lady GaGa’s Facebook fan page.

She already has a great marketing ploy going on with the way she dresses, so something like this just seems to fit.  It is so unique.

I am not a big GaGa fan, although I do like some of her music, so that doesn’t really tempt me.  I am more interested in the marketing idea behind it.

But, I am a Farmville-a-holic.  I know if I go back to my farms to check it out, I’ll get hooked again.  To be on the safe side, I’ll just ask my friends that play about it.  I’ll use my time more constructively with reading, crocheting, and working on the house.

GaGaville.  I can’t wait to see what her marketing people come up with next!

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5 Responses to GaGaville?

  1. I used to play Farmville too until I cut back of apps last year. It got to the point where it was almost like work and not fun. I think the GaGa thing is funny. Not sure if this link will work but have you seen this?

    • Seashell says:

      I hadn’t seen that Theresa! That is too cool. I know if I still played, I’d be trying to get as many of them as possible. Start my own FV bike club…

  2. OMG shell,
    I can’t beleive you are a farmville addict LOL 🙂
    I’ve told my friends I will remove them from my Christmas card list if they dare send me another request. Sometimes they do just for devilment :)LOL

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