angels bowling

The rumble of thunder and flashes of lightning are coming through the window behind me.  It’s raining steadily.  A perfect curl up on the sofa and read a book day.

When I was a child, my momma would tell me the thunder was angels bowling.  Lightning would strike when they got a strike.  It made me much less afraid of thunderstorms.

We are lucky that Willow and Pockets are not bothered by the storms at all. Some dogs are very frightened by the noise and light. Pockets just ignores it.  Willow is only concerned if it is a particularly loud clap.

I love a good, house shaking thunderstorm.  We used to get those when we lived in Texas.  The storms here seem wimpy in comparison.  Big bright flashes of light.  Incredibly loud thunder.  They were awesome!

The weather report is calling for storms for most of the day.  So, I think today, I may just hang out, enjoy the thunderstorms, and worry about the housework another day.

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3 Responses to angels bowling

  1. roncap says:

    And God is taking a shower. That is what my mom use to say when the thunder storms would come around. OH and when it’s snowing, Angels left the freezer open. Good times, thanks for the read.

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