a new kind of mine field – watermelon

Some Chinese farmers are having a problem with exploding watermelons.  Hundreds of exploding watermelons.  On the vine watermelons.

This gives a whole new meaning to WMD…yes…Watermelons of Mass Destruction.

Unfortunately, it is not a laughing matter.  It once again brings the misuse of legal and illegal chemicals by Chinese farmers to the forefront of the news.

But we can read all about that in the news.  All I can picture in my head are fields with watermelons randomly exploding!  If it wasn’t caused by the misuse of chemicals, it would make a heck of a watermelon festival.

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6 Responses to a new kind of mine field – watermelon

  1. Your picture made me laugh out loud!

  2. melsar93 says:

    If the watermelons explode by themselves won’t that put Gallagher out of work?

  3. When I first read about this, my first reaction was to burst out laughing and bemoan the fact that I couldn’t be there to see it happen. Then, reality set in. I wish people ate more local food that’s grown with heavy-duty pesticides.

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