when willow wants mommy to get up

Willow has started this new trick.  It’s called bugging mommy until she gets out of bed.

Scuba Man and I take turns getting up with her in the mornings to let her out.  Since I’ve been unemployed, he lets her out during the week and lets me sleep, as he is getting up anyway.

Mommy, can I go out and play in the snow?...Who could resist that face?

We used to take her out of the bedroom and close the door, so the other can sleep in peace, but Pockets put an end to that.  When he knows mommy is in the bedroom and he can’t get in, he sits outside the door and meows until I get up and let him in so he can cuddle next to me.  So the door now stays open.

Which lets Willow come in any time she wants to.

Now, she knows who the sucker is in this family, and yes, it is me.  I can’t resist that face and those beautiful brown eyes.  When she wants something, she will sit and stare at you, without moving or blinking, until you get up.  We call it her Jedi mind trick.  Scuba Man is immune to it.

Well, when mommy is sleeping with her eyes closed, mommy can’t see that stare.  Willow, being an intelligent, logical beagle, now will sit up on the bed, right by mommy’s pillow, and whine until mommy opens her eyes.

She does this because, although daddy is up, he will ignore her mind tricks to fill her toys with treats, and she knows mommy cannot resist her.  She did it again this morning, to an exhausted mommy who was not ready to get up.

I think she has begun to learn that mommy isn’t such a sucker any more.

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4 Responses to when willow wants mommy to get up

  1. barb19 says:

    Who could resist that face and those soulful eyes?
    Our little Poppy does the same when she thinks it’s time I was up – she jumps up on the bed – anytime from 5am I might add – sits right next to me and I can feel her staring at me; she knows it works – every damn time! It doesn’t work with dad, he just ignores her.
    Let’s face it, our pets have us round their little finger (should that be toe?) but we love them anyway!

  2. Dillon says:

    Our dog does that mind trick thing to my mom when she wants to go to bed. My mom will be sitting in her chair crocheting and the dog will sit between her and the TV staring at her. This goes on for hours sometimes before my mom gives in and puts her to bed.

    • Seashell says:

      That’s too funny! The definitely know what they want and when they want it. You would think that as much as they sleep during the day, they wouldn’t be so eager to get to bed at night.

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