I didn’t break my streak..yet!

I don’t want to break my streak of posting every day, even if I don’t have much of anything to write about.  It hasn’t been easy because of the new job and getting ready for vacation.  Yes, one week of work and then a week’s vacation.  Wish it was like that every week!

I am looking forward to a beach week.  The weather will be warm enough to actually spend time on the beach reading, flying the kite, just having fun.  We usually take walks on the beach if it’s not bitter cold, all year long.  But it’s always nice when we can sit on the beach and chill.

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4 Responses to I didn’t break my streak..yet!

  1. Enjoy the vacation! I’ve been having serious beach cravings 🙂

  2. barb19 says:

    There is nothing like sitting on the beach and relaxing, just enjoying everything around you, listening to the calming sounds of the ocean; I find it very therapeutic. Enjoy your vacation after your week at work!

  3. Beach time is the best time. I hope you enjoy it!

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