we’re always forgetting something

It seems like we always forget to pack something when we come to the beach.  Always.  This time it was my hairbrush and Scuba Man’s swim trunks.

The hairbrush was easy.  I had to take a trip to the dollar store for kitty litter anyway, so I picked up a cheap one there.  I’ll leave it here and it will be one less thing to pack.

Scuba Man’s swim trunks will be much harder.  He’s very picky about his trunks.  He doesn’t like board shorts type trunks and that’s a lot of what they sell here.  It may be hard to find him a pair.  As it’s such a small village, and a small island, it could involve a drive of almost an hour up the beach to find something he will wear.  The good thing is, we can leave them here also.

We leave a lot down here any more.  Now that we no longer rent the house out, there’s no need to take it back with us.  It gives us less to pack.  Right now, we mostly just have to pack any special clothes we want to wear, the dog’s medications, food for the pets if we’re out down here, the coffee beans we like, just little things like that.

Mostly when we forget things, it’s when we’re packing for more than a weekend stay.  Forgetting things has given me a good introduction to the Dollar Tree.  I am amazed at all the things I can find there!

After forgetting to bring down kitty litter one weekend, I bought some there.  We actually like it better than the expensive brand we were using because it has no smell whatsoever.  None.  We use it all the time now.  A 7 pound bag for $1.  My hairbrush, $1.  A 36 count package of emery boards, $1.  Leather gloves for yard work, $1.

There’s really not a big choice of where to buy things here in the village.  Other than the tourist tee-shirt shops, we have a Food Lion, a Dollar Tree, and an Ace Hardware.  If you can’t find it at those three places then you really don’t need it!

I had never really shopped at a Dollar Tree/Dollar Store before we bought this house.  We needed to replace things when we were renting it out and didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so we went there first.  Now, I shop there on a regular basis.  It’s just one more way of saving money.  The more we save, the faster we’ll be able to move here permanently.

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6 Responses to we’re always forgetting something

  1. They aer some bobby dazzler swimming shorts!
    I’m always forgetting something…I go back to the UK for 5 days next week I wonder what I will forget 🙂

  2. barb19 says:

    We have a similar store here and I’m always buying stuff we need because it’s a lot cheaper – and just as good as you found out with the kitty litter. In fact, I’m going into town today and need some new bin bags – guess where I’ll be going?
    Hope Scuba Man can find the right kind of trunks – and then he can leave them at the beach house for next time!

  3. When I went to the beach this last weekend, I forgot to pack shirts. Thankfully, I had sun dresses to wear, and my parents gave me a lot of clothing for my birthday. I’m normally so careful, but I had to pack without a list as soon as I got home from school so we could beat the traffic.

  4. Dollar Tree is awesome 🙂

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