on coffee, flags, beaches, and sandcastles

Morning coffee on the deck.

That first sip of coffee in the morning is the best.  For some reason, it has the most taste.  Maybe because it’s what wakes up your taste buds.

We like to fly the stars and stripes, even at the beach house.  I love sitting here and seeing it wave in the breeze.  I can’t see our flag from the windows in the Richmond house.

Gonna hit the beach again today and see if I can’t get a little more sun.  We’ve been here for a week and I hardly look like I’ve gotten any sun at all.  I don’t tan, I burn, so I use a strong sunblock.

Willow has learned how to spell beach.  Or maybe I should say she has learned what b-e-a-c-h spells.  When we spell it out now, she gets all excited and knows what we’re talking about.  Sometimes she’s too smart for her own good.

I finally found some paper tape so I can tape my foot.  I’m allergic to athletic tape and would only tape it up where it was beyond painful.  Our local drug stores and grocery stores don’t carry it.  I found it in the Dollar Tree!  I hope they carry it in the one in Richmond, too.

This is an awesome sandcastle!

We have this sandcastle decoration that sits on a table in front of the window.  Right now, the sun is shining through it and it looks like there are lights on inside of it.  Weird…

I’m currently obsessed with photography.  Not me taking photos, but looking at professionals’ photos on flickr and other websites.

I could sit and watch Willow forever, even when she’s just laying there sleeping.  I never knew it was possible to feel such love for an animal as I feel for her.

My new grand-niece will be born in 67 days!  Yay!!!

We watched Forest Gump last night.  I love that movie, but hate the sad ending.  It amazes me how they could get Tom Hanks in the historical footage!  And that’s all I have to say about that.

I don’t want to go back to Richmond tomorrow.  This is my first ‘in season’ vacation at our beach house and leaving is going to be so hard.  I love it this time of year because of the sun and the water being warm, but I don’t like the tourists.  Off season is so much more peaceful.

I’m ready to go spend the day on the beach.  See you tomorrow!

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4 Responses to on coffee, flags, beaches, and sandcastles

  1. barb19 says:

    Make the most of your last day at the beach before returning to Richmond; I wish that you could stay there permanently because I know how much you love it there – but the day will come, wait and see.

  2. It’s always been my dream to wake up each day enjoying my favorite brewed coffee as I walk on the beach. And in the afternoon, just sit on the patio overlooking the sea while reminiscing great memories with my wife. After reading your post, and looking at the beautiful pictures, I believe that I can have that dream someday. Congrats on the future birth of your grand niece. great post.

    • Seashell says:

      Never give up on those dreams! Having a place at the beach has always been my dream. I never stopped believing it could happen. We aren’t here full time yet, but the house is ours (and the bank’s). We’re now working towards making it full time.

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