not all voyeurism is bad, is it?

I am a voyeur.  I’ll admit it.  When we are driving at night, I love to look into lighted windows.  Sometimes I see people, sometimes I don’t.

I see a man in a garage, tinkering on his car or puttering around in his workshop.  Is his car in need of repairs or is it something he is restoring?  Is he out there because it’s his hobby or did he and his wife have a fight and it’s a cooling off period?

I see a teen looking out a window.  Is she dreaming of the day when she gets her license and doesn’t have to stay home on a Friday night?  Is she thinking of the cute boy at school she wants to go out with?  Is she being a voyeur, too, watching the cars go by?

I see a woman at the kitchen window.  Is she doing dishes after a nice family meal?  Is she dreaming of being somewhere else?  Is she in a rush to finish so she can go play with her kids or spend time with her husband?

I see the flicker of a television.  Is it a family watching a movie together?  Is it a couple watching a romantic movie?  Is it someone who just wants to veg out after a long day at work?

I see a light in the small bathroom window.  Is it dad taking a shower after cutting the grass?  Is it a parent bathing a child?  Is it mom soaking in a bubble bath?

I see a light in a bedroom window, but no people.  Is it a student studying?  Is it someone putting away laundry?  Is it a man emptying his pockets on to his dresser?

I like to think it’s a mom or dad, rocking their baby to sleep, singing a lullaby.

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6 Responses to not all voyeurism is bad, is it?

  1. barb19 says:

    I must be one too then!

  2. I love sitting at a pavement cafe on a Saturday morning watching the world go by. Families, teenagers, children, dogs, the little old men who sit in a line on wall in the square…just life. You are not alone 🙂

    • Seashell says:

      I love to people watch. I so wish we had those kind of cafes here. We have places with outdoor eating areas, but they’re mostly in places that don’t have pedestrian traffic, so there’s nothing to watch.

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