my brain is fried

I’ve worked for the past 6 or so hours and my brain is dead fried.

This week I was given a task that has a deadline of Monday (well, maybe Monday the analyst says).  It hasn’t been going very well, as I don’t know the data at all and I don’t know how the databases relate to each other.


It’s all dealing with GIS, geographical information systems, which is totally new to me.  I know nothing about anchors, or nodes, or measures.  The way the data is stored in the database didn’t make sense to me until someone finally took the time to explain it.

Now, I’m struggling with how the data in one database relates to the others, so I can verify that the data to be used in update statements are correct.

For anyone familiar with databases, this probably sounds easy.  If I knew the data and the databases, it would be a breeze.

For those not familiar with databases, it probably sounds like a foreign language.  That is exactly the feeling I have.  And the struggle isn’t helped much by the fact that the development database is on what feels like the slowest server in history.  When it takes more than a half hour to run a fairly basic query, and another half hour to save the data to a spreadsheet for validation, you start to feel like a hamster on a wheel.

And yes, when there is an issue, and one set of data doesn’t validate against the other, you start all over again…

I know it will be much better when I have an understanding of everything, but until then…it’s going to be a very long weekend!

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2 Responses to my brain is fried

  1. melsar93 says:

    Having just gone through this – I will say that it does get better. Of course I am not dealing with GIS data – that stuff is confusing.

  2. Hang in there shell you’ll crack it! think of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and your beautiful beach house 🙂

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