a morning bus ride

I take the bus to work on days that I don’t car pool with Scuba Man.  I like to people watch, both those on the bus and those on the city streets.

This morning, a woman got on the bus carrying a large laptop case, a large purse, a gym bag with so many clothes on top that she could barely hold it by the handles, and a generic plastic bag also filled with clothes.  She was dressed in business attire, with a skirt suit and low heels.

All of the clothes had store tags on them.  I thought that was really strange.

After she arranged all of her packages and sat down, she proceeded to take all the clothing out of the plastic bag, one piece at a time, fold it carefully, and put it back in.  She also folded all the loosely stacked clothing that was on the top of the gym bag, and put it in the plastic bag.

By now, I was fascinated.  I am easily amused…

She put the bag down, grabbed her laptop case, and pulled a clipboard out of one of the pockets.  I tried really hard to not stare, but I saw the clipboard was full of papers that looked like they had questions on them.  She would look up in the air like she was thinking, then make a mark on the paper.

After a few marks, I was so wishing I was the one sitting next to her.  I really wanted to see those questions!

This continued until the bus made it’s first downtown stop.  It’s an express bus, so the first 20 or so minutes of the ride are all freeway.  After a few people got off at the first stop, she gathered everything and moved up to an empty seat.

She continued the gathering and moving at each stop until she was sitting in the seat right behind the driver.

She got off on the stop before mine.  I wish I could have seen where she was going.  She provided morning entertainment for me without even knowing it.

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4 Responses to a morning bus ride

  1. barb19 says:

    Now you have me intrigued as to what she was doing! I love watching people too, they can be very entertaining (I’m easily amused as well)!

  2. My oldest son often took the public bus home after show rehearsals and almost every day he had some sort of interesting story about people on the bus….

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