serious internet connection issues

We are having serious Internet connection issues today.  This is not making Scuba Man happy.

He offered to stay home tomorrow, as I finally broke down and ordered a smart phone, and it’s being delivered tomorrow.  When FedEx delivers it, it has to be signed for.

A web chat with Verizon gave him the news that they were experiencing very slow speeds in Virginia and it is expected to be fixed by Thursday.  That was in, no other information was available.

We pay extra for high-speed Internet.  I wonder how much of a refund they will give us now that we have dial-up speeds?

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2 Responses to serious internet connection issues

  1. Good luck with that! Last fall our modem crashed, it was around Thanksgiving so we were without internet for 5 days. The Verizon rep actually laughed when I said I should get a refund for that time period…

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