another manic monday

Scuba Man is listening to the Bangles, Just Another Manic Monday.  Yep, that’s my day!

Up at 5, leave for the bus at 6:10.  Arrive at work at 7, work through lunch and leave to catch the bus at 4.  Home at 5.

Change clothes, feed the animals, head to Costco to pick up Willow’s prescriptions and do a little grocery shopping.

Ahhh, lucky me!  My baby took me to dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ.  Then home to laundry and cleaning the bedroom.

Finally a chance to sit down and check my email.  There’s still snail mail to go through and lunch to make for tomorrow, but that’s probably not happening tonight!

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2 Responses to another manic monday

  1. Busy day! I hope dinner was a nice time to relax!

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