the sound of a sax on a warm summer night

Riding home from the beach, we listened to a song came that had a sax solo.  I was reminded of the time I went to Chicago.

Wikipedia photo of the Chicago River

It was a work conference and I was none too thrilled about going.  At least not to the conference.  But Chicago was awesome.  I was there for three nights.

It was exciting when I got there.  I took the El from the airport, which was an experience for me.  The company put me up in a fairly swanky hotel, which was also an experience for me.  I was smack in the middle of down town Chicago.

The first night was interesting.  I met a friend from Houston, where we were living at the time, who was also in Chicago for a class.  We lived in the same city and rarely had time to get together there.  It was rather fun sitting at the Rock Bottom Brewery chatting with Robin the whole night.  Far away from everything and everybody gave us a great chance to catch up.

The conference the next day was as boring as I expected.  To top it all off, there was a networking dinner afterwards that I had to attend.  I was there to network for my company, after all.  I dreaded that part as I am not a very outgoing person around strangers.  I was an IT person working on a project that all these non IT people were interested in.  They should have really sent a salesperson, but none of them knew the systems and weren’t very eager to learn it, either.

After the second, which was also the last day of the conference, I had the evening to myself.  I took a walk to visit the Holy Name Cathedral, a historic church.  It was built in 1875.  The architecture of the church is stunning.  The church itself is stunning.  From the huge bronze doors to the reddish black granite altar, from the bronze statues and suspended cross to the 150 foot ceiling, from one intricate stained glass window to the next.

Wikipedia photo of Holy Name Cathedral

I also strolled by the Chicago River.  The walk and the river bridges were all lit up, as were all the surrounding buildings, and it was so beautiful.  I really never expected a  city to be that pretty.

But, the best part was getting back to the room.  I was on the 28th floor.  There was a celebration happening on the lake, with fireworks that I could see from the bed.  The drapes were open and all the lights of the city seemed to be shining just for me.  A warm breeze was blowing through the open window.  I was tired, but not sleepy, on my last night there.  I pulled a chair up to the window to watch the city wind down for the night.  All I could hear was someone playing the sax.  I don’t know where it was coming from or who it was, but it was perfect.

There I was, high above the streets of Chicago, with a warm breeze blowing in the window, and listening to a lonely sax playing.  It was magical.

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6 Responses to the sound of a sax on a warm summer night

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    Mystical, magical moments in time…forever with us.

  2. Very nice! When I lived in Michigan I would often to go Chicago for weekend trips, really like that city.

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit there. It sounds lovely.

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