computers, snufflers, Lightfoot, and egg rolls

I have spent less and less time on my computer the last several weeks.  It seems like during the work week, I’m on there long enough to check my email and that’s about it.  I may try to read a blog or two and maybe check Facebook, but that’s no longer the norm.  I have over 180 blog posts to read!  I’ve been slowly unsubscribing to the ones that I feel are so-so.  I’ve spent my free time working on the house, crocheting, and playing the guitar.  It’s kind of nice not having a computer in front of my face all the time.


Willow has turned into quite the snuffleupagus lately.  She no longer is content to sleep at the foot of the bed but now wants to sleep up between momma and daddy, usually as close to one of us as possible.  And, she likes to snuffle in the middle of the night.  I’ve woken up to her snuffling my neck more than once the last several weeks.  She puts her little nose up there and sniffs and tries to bury it as close as possible to my skin and then goes back to sleep.  Well, at least one of us goes back to sleep!


Been listening to Gordon Lightfoot a lot lately.  There is a phrase in his song “Race Among the Ruins”:  ‘When you wake up to the promise of your dream world coming true’.  Is that not such a happy thought?  That phrase just puts me is such a good mood.  It is so full of hope.  But, then, another of his songs, “Beautiful” is so full of love it brings tears to my eyes.  It instantly makes me think of Scuba Man.  Music seems to always get to me emotionally.


I made the most awesome Southwest egg rolls the other day!  But, I couldn’t find egg roll wrappers.  There is only one Asian market in all of Richmond, and if you’re not Asian, the customer service sucks.  The people are downright rude to you!  So rather than go half way across town, I made them using fillo dough.  It worked just fine, but I still need to search other grocery stores for the wrappers.

On that same note, did you know that Hidden Valley makes a spicy ranch dressing that is perfect for Southwest style foods?  It’s yummy!

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4 Responses to computers, snufflers, Lightfoot, and egg rolls

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    Your blogs are so real…like having coffee together.

  2. melsar93 says:

    Yum. Southwest Eggrolls.

  3. Nice to see a post from you…and I just got ‘The Kids Are All Right’ from the library, planning to start it next week 🙂

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