fires, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes

It has been a strange week!  The wallpaper strippers finally finished on Monday, leaving us with a house that looks like a disaster area.  I’ve put in more hours at work than usual, and my to do list keeps getting longer.  I haven’t had much time to put the house back together.

All week, off and on, we’re been getting smoke in the area from the fire in the Great Dismal Swamp.  It’s very strange to walk outside, have it look like a thin fog, and smell a wood burning smoke.  Yesterday, it was so bad, we could smell it in the office, in a building where the windows don’t open.  This was on the eighth floor, so we weren’t near any open doors.

That’s where I was when the earthquake hit on Tuesday.  I’ve been through an earthquake before, when I lived in Ventura, CA.  Without thinking, when the building started shaking, we all ran to the windows and looked out.  We thought it was either an earthquake, or Washington D.C. had just been nuked.  I actually thought feeling the building shake was pretty cool.  We stood there watching until the big boss told us all to evacuate.

When we got out to the street, people started searching on their cell phones to see what had happened.  That’s when we found out it was a 5.8 quake.  Scuba Man also works in a high-rise building, a federal government building.  He said as soon as they felt a little of it, they were evacuating.  They all were thinking of 9/11.  Logical since it will soon be the 10th anniversary of that tragedy.

The worse part was the cell phones were hit and miss on getting a signal or sending texts.  I didn’t know if Scuba Man was ok.  I tried calling his personal cell and his work cell and left messages on both.  For some reason, I wasn’t having a hard time getting a dial tone and making calls.  I also called my sister, who lives closer to the epicenter.  She was scared, but ok.  She also told me my husband was ok because he had posted on Facebook.  I was relieved!

Last night, we had tornado warnings.  Seriously?  We already knew a hurricane was on the way.  Now tornados?  We were watching the Weather Channel, and couldn’t believe the warnings.

Now, this morning, we’re watching the Weather Channel still.  The hurricane has hit land just south of Hatteras Island.  It has gone from what they expected was going to be a category 3, down to a category 1.  The winds are 50 – 55 miles per hour, sustained.  We are feeling better about that, as the damage to the beach house will be much less than we expected. When they were predicting a category 3 hurricane, we weren’t sure we would still have a beach house!

Here in Richmond, it’s been pouring rain but not much wind so far.  It’s going to be a great day to hang around inside and…work from home.  😦

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8 Responses to fires, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes

  1. melsar93 says:

    Glad to hear you are well. Mother Nature must have been bored this week, neh?

  2. Definitely some crazy things happening lately! I was at Walmart with three of the kids for the earthquake; it was a first for them so they all thought it was fun.

    We’re ready for the storms…rather windy here right now but the rain hasn’t started yet. Stay safe!

  3. barb19 says:

    Glad to hear you are ok, and Scuba Man too – good thinking that he put a message on Facebook!
    It’s a relief to everyone to hear that the hurricane has been downgraded. The weather is going crazy.

  4. So glad that you are okay! I hope you remain safe during Hurricane Irene and that there’s minimal damage at your beach house! We’re worried about ours–they’ve evacuated the area!

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