Firefly Serenity

Scuba Man came home the other day with the borrowed DVDs of the series Firefly.  I think he said it was shown on the Fox network.  It only lasted for one season.

As usual, I was skeptical about watching it, but thought, I’ll watch the first one and if I don’t like it, he can watch the rest without me.  If I do like it, it’s only one season and I won’t get hooked on another TV show.


I got totally hooked on this show, to the point that I didn’t want to watch anything else until we had gone through the whole series.  The main setting is a Firefly model spaceship named Serenity, but the characters are what makes the series.  They are fully developed and each has a unique personality.

The captain, Mal, leads this band of smugglers.  He pretends to be cold, but really is a softy at heart.  He would do anything to protect his crew.  Although a smuggler, he has a set of moral values.  He is a great leader for the crew.

Zoe is Mal’s ensign.  They fought together in the war against the Alliance.  She’s tough, tougher than Mal sometimes.  She is fiercely loyal to him, which sometimes causes problems between her and Wash, her husband.  She’s a great fighter and never backs down from a fight.

Wash is Serenity’s pilot.  He’s very laid back, a complete opposite of his wife Zoe.  He wimpy and isn’t afraid to show it.  He could almost be called the ship’s comedian because of his kid like personality.

Inara rents a shuttle from Mal.  She’s a ‘companion’,  a very, very high-class hooker.  She and Mal have a strong sexual tension going on, but the series ended before they could really develop a relationship other than being friends and business associates.  The shuttle on Serenity is home to her and the crew is her family.  She is very loving and caring toward them.

Jayne is the muscle.  He’s big, loves guns and fighting, and is dumb as a stump.  He doesn’t understand much of what’s going on.  Because of that, he’s comic relief also.  He’s not too thrilled with 2 of the passengers whom Mal considers part of the crew.

Kaylee is the mechanic.  She keeps Serenity running.  She’s extremely knowledgeable about engines and mechanics, but she’s very innocent about the rest of life.  She’s the youngest crew member, still in her teens, and always seems to be in a cheerful mood.  She has a crush on Simon.

Simon was taken on as a passenger and became part of the crew.  He’s a doctor and every ship, especially a smuggling ship, needs a doctor.  He comes from money but fits in well with the ragtag crew.  He’s a fugitive from the Alliance because he kidnapped his sister back from them.

River is Simon’s sister. Mal also considers her part of the crew although she has no job on the ship.  The Alliance has messed with her brain.  She’s incredible smart, but has a tendency to go crazy due to what ever the Alliance has done.  This causes problems for the crew sometimes, but for the most part, they tolerate it, except for Jayne.  He doesn’t want the brother and sister on the ship and constantly talks about leaving them on the planets they visit.  At one point, he tries to turn them in to the Alliance.

The last crew member is Sheppard Book.  He came on board as a passenger and stayed.  He’s a preacher but you have to wonder…is he really?  He knows much about the Alliance.  When he gets injured and needs a hospital, they take him to an Alliance facility.  At first, they refuse him, but once they look at his identification, he’s whisked right in.

I was kind of sad when we came to the last episode.  I had grown to really like these characters.  Silly, I know, but I felt like I knew them and I wanted  to see where their lives would end up.  There is a movie that take places after the last episode.  I don’t know if it will tie things or not, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.

This series had a very loyal following, and now I understand why.  It didn’t last because it was set up to fail.  The episodes build upon each other, but Fox didn’t show them in order.  I’m sure that confused a lot of people and they stopped watching.  It’s a quality series that highlights loyalty and friendship above all.  It’s a shame it didn’t last.

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6 Responses to Firefly Serenity

  1. I’ve felt that way when a series I particularly enjoyed ended. D & I watched Firefly on Netflix. He is a major sci-fi fan-books, movies, tv shows-while I’m more into comedies. We both enjoyed it though!

  2. melsar93 says:

    Welcome to the legion of disappointed Brown Coats everywhere. The Movie wraps things up fairly well and was a satisfying extension of the show, but I wish they had made more.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of great things about that show. I’m not a fan of sci-fi myself, but it sounds excellent from your description!

    I watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory tonight and thought of you. Sheldon is just hilarious!

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