the dreaming of dogs and cats

I sit at my desk watching Pockets sleep.  He’s curled in a ball, one of his front legs laying on his two back paws and fluffy tail, almost as if he’s holding himself in that position.  I watch his fluffy body rise and fall with his slow and soft breathing.

Suddenly, the breathing gets shorter, faster.  He’s dreaming.  An ear twitches.  The whiskers twitch.  First one back paw, then the other twitches.  What is he dreaming about?  Is it about chasing birds or squirrels, something he longs to do but can’t because he’s strictly an indoor cat?  Is he dreaming of his people, the ones that cuddle him and love him?  Is he dreaming about playing with Willow?

When I see Willow sleeping and dreaming, I wonder the same things.  Is she chasing rabbits?  Is  she dreaming of running in a field with her people?  Is she dreaming of playing with Pockets?

I wish we could read the thoughts of our animals.  I’m sure they would be basic, uncomplicated thoughts.  But it would be so interest to know if they can truly feel the love we give them.

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8 Responses to the dreaming of dogs and cats

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    I believe they do…in their own way. good post, Seashell.

  2. Food and Walkies! Walkies and Food!
    I am sure Mr Piglet dreams of food…he twitches alot in his sleep!

  3. PS if you don’t see me around for awhile ie no coments etc or maybe a couple of posts and no comments I am travelling for the next six weeks and internet will be limited.
    New grandson due next week!
    Speak soon

  4. I love watching animals sleep. It’s just too adorable! Max frequently uses his paws to cover his eyes while he’s sleeping, almost as if he’s trying to block out the light or ignore someone trying to wake him up.

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