beach house update

We are so very lucky.  We had a little damage to the beach house, but not the horrible damage some of our island neighbors are faced with.

Scuba Man got to the beach house late Saturday afternoon.  He saw the water stains on the ceiling but nothing was below where the water came in but flooring.  No furniture or rugs got water-soaked!

The ceiling

More ceiling...there's many more spots, but you get the picture...

Sunday, it was up on the roof to try to find the cause of the leaking.  It was very apparent…missing shingles.  They were all on the east side of the roof.

Looking toward the back of the house

Looking toward the front of the house

The roofer should be there today, which is the earliest they could be there given all the damaged roofs on the island.  We are on their priority list because the roof is leaking.  Once the roof is repaired, Scuba Man can paint the ceiling with Kilz, and that will be the extend of our repairs (we hope).  There looks to be no wetness or mold in the attic, but that will be checked more thoroughly tomorrow.

Some of our island neighbors were not so lucky.  There was an ocean side house that collapsed into the water.  The two next to it are condemned and will probably go in the next big storm.  There are also houses on the bay side in the same predicament.  The bay side flooding was awful.  If the house wasn’t up on stilts, it most likely had the first floor flooded.

One couple, who decided not to evacuate, had their house burn down during the storm.  The fire is believed to have been started by the portable generator they were using.  They escaped to a neighbor’s house and rode out the rest of the storm there.

It’s common for the residents not to evacuate, even for a mandatory evacuation.  During a big storm, the one road to get on and off the island usually breeches.  Because of that, the evacuated residents never know when they will be allowed to go back to their homes.  As eager as we were to check out our house for damage, they had to be even more eager, as they lived in those houses full-time.  Add to that the expense of living somewhere else (hotel, with friends, etc), not being able to eat at home, and most likely not working, their frustration and worry level is quite high.

It was made even worse with hurricane Irene.  The road not only breached in 4 places, but 2 new inlets were cut, one which requires a bridge to fix it, is that big.  The only way to get on and off the island now is by ferry.

The county government decided to wait until the electrical lines were repaired, and electricity was flowing for the whole island, before they let the residents come back home.  That was a week after the hurricane.  Two weeks after the hurricane, they let the non-resident homeowners come back.  My husband left Richmond at 6:00 am the first day we were allowed back.

I thank God it wasn’t worse.  We are truly blessed!

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6 Responses to beach house update

  1. melsar93 says:

    Good to hear you weathered the storm well.

  2. barb19 says:

    Relieved to hear you suffered only minor damage to the beach house.

  3. I am so thankful that your house fared so well in the storm. I had seen some pictures in The New York Times of the damage on your island and was really worried for you.

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