10 things that irritate me in the workplace

In no special order…

1)      Women ( and sometimes men) who wear fragrances so strong that you can smell it in an empty elevator or when you pass them in the hall.  Fragrances are meant to be an intimate scent, that only those people very close to you can smell.  Could you use a little less of it?  Better yet, skip it all together.  Soap and a clean smell is a better fragrance.  Unless, of course, you decided not to shower and be clean….

2)     Folks that carry on conversations in a foreign language when non foreign language speaking people are standing right there.  That’s just plain rude in the workplace.

3)     Slow computers.  Do companies not realise that the amount of time waiting on a slow computer equates to money?  You are paying me to sit here and wait for 5 minutes so my computer can boot up.  You are paying me to sit here and get the blue screen of death and have my computer reboot itself because the help desk doesn’t know how to fix it.

4)     Inefficient coding.  This is caused by people who don’t know how to code, or by having massive amounts of code to write is a very short time because of unrealistic deadlines.  Developers are kept so busy they rarely have the time to go over code to make it more efficient.

5)      Non team players.  When a team is developing, we’re all in it together.  We don’t need a 12 paragraph email detailing every little thing you did that made you so busy you couldn’t meet your deadline on time.  Ask for help!  The team is here to support each other.  Believe me, if you’re doing a good job, the boss knows it with you having to blow your own trumpet.  The same goes for if you’re doing a lousy job too.

6)       People that don’t clean up after themselves.  The cleaning people are not going to clean up the mess from your food exploding in the microwave.  Other people have to use the counters, microwave, and sink after you’ve made you breakfast or lunch.  Along with that goes clearing your rotten, smelly food out of the fridge and putting on a new pot of coffee when you’ve taken the last cup!

7)       Project managers who constantly repeat themselves at each and every meeting.  Don’t waste 20 minutes of our time rehashing why we are there.  We’ve been having these meeting twice a week since the project started.  I think we know why we’re there by now!  And don’t start at the very beginning of your spiel every time someone comes into the meeting late.  If they can’t be on time, they don’t deserve to have everyone else’s time wasted to accommodate them.

8)       Don’t schedule meetings that I should be in for after the time I’m scheduled to leave. Everyone knows what time I leave.  I ride an express commuter bus.  It only comes at certain times, and if I miss the last one because of your meeting, guess who’s driving me to the park & ride…???

9)      Just because I’m the only female on the development team doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask me to go to lunch when a few of you are going.  How do you think it feels when every day one of you goes around and asks this guy or that guy if they want to go somewhere for lunch, yet not one of you has ever asked me if I wanted to go along with y’all.  Stop excluding me because of my sex!

10)      Don’t tell me I can’t telecommute, ever.  Get with the program.  It’s the 21st century.  I write code.  All I need is a secure connection.  As a consultant, I can telecommute, but when I was an employee, I couldn’t.  But, it was ok if you wanted me to work extra hours.  Then it was no problem telecommuting .

So, what irritates YOU in the workplace?

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8 Responses to 10 things that irritate me in the workplace

  1. LeRoy Dean says:

    Ineffective managers; good post. Seashell

  2. Seashell says:

    Thanks LeRoy! That’s a good one, too.

  3. Stacey says:

    there is this older woman, and she wears this grandma-esque perfume that I swear she completely douses herself in. she leaves a trail wherever she goes and it lingers for awhile. And I pass her at least once a day. I now have learned to hold my breath as I approach her and wait as long as I can to breath again.

    I also get irritated with manager who tell you to do something, and then when you have to talk to the higher ups, your manager makes you look like an idiot for doing whatever it was she told you to do, when it was all wrong.

    • Seashell says:

      I think bad managers bring down the moral of the whole office. It was like that in my last job. I’m lucky in that, right now, I have and awesome manager and his boss is also awesome. Rather than talk down to their people, they treat them as equals, praise them for their work, and protect them.

  4. Those all sound really, really annoying. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with it.

    My father manages reps all over the country for the publishing firm he works for and offices in Asia (India, Hong Kong Macao, Singapore) and Europe (UK and Germany). He’s in charge of all of their computer science (right up your alley, Shell!) and engineering textbooks. He has got the funniest and worst stories about the things that happen to him while working. Once, when he was meeting with some professors in Alabama who were writing a new textbook, the rep who was there with him said the funniest thing when they were leaving for the day. After walking past all of these walls with professors’ doctoral diplomas, she turned to my dad and said, “I don’t understand why all of these computer scientist professors have their doctorates in philosophy? You’d think that at a school like this, they’d be required to get them in the subject they teach.” My dad had to explain to her what Ph.D. actually meant! She didn’t last much longer at the company.

    But back to workplace irritations. The Americans are always the hardest (though they’re still great) for him to manage, and all of the foreigners are oh so nice. What really bothers him, though, is having to wake up absurdly early or stay at the office really late at night to speak to the offices in Asia. Getting up at four a.m. for a two hour meeting or staying in the office until nine is no fun, and his whole team of editors usually has to stay that late with him, too! Thankfully, he really, really loves his job, and he only has to do it once or twice a week. Plus, he gets to go to all of those offices and visit so many interesting places! Unfortunately, this means that we don’t get to see him as much as we would like to.

    • Seashell says:

      I never liked travelling for business. I missed my husband too much. I’m sure your dad feels the same way.

      • Yeah, he really does. It’s particularly rough when he has to go overseas for over two weeks, something that happens at least once a year. Thank goodness for Skype!

        I’m really hoping that he’ll take me with him when he goes to his Asian office this fall. I’m dying to see India.

  5. Seashell says:

    That would be an awesome experience. I hope he takes you, too!

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