two bookshelves left to go

I’ve been day dreaming about the beach lately.  I miss it, but until the temporary bridge is in place, it’s not worth the commute to go there unless we can stay for a week.

Rumour has it that the bridge will be open early October.  If it is, I’ll be going down for a long weekend for Columbus Day.   As busy as work has been and the hours I’ve worked, I could use a break.

I’ve worked a lot on the house, too.  I’ve concentrated on decluttering my office.  With that comes scanning paperwork so I can keep it in electronic form.  That is a slow process but it is  worth it to clear all the paper clutter.  I’m trying to decide if I want to do that to all of my recipes, too.

The office is coming along very nicely.  I have all but 2 of the 6 bookshelves left to go.  It’s really looking good and I feel like I am making progress toward the over all decluttering process of the house.

Getting all the wallpaper removed has really motivated me.  I feel we are that much closer to getting the house ready to sell and moving to the beach permanently.  I have a renewed interest in getting rid of clutter.  I’ve already got another pile of things for the charity shop.  We really need to get to the library to drop books off for their used book sale, before we have so much it won’t fit in the truck.

That it it’s self will get rid on half the garage clutter!  Getting the garage cleaned out before the cold weather hits is very important, as Scuba Man insists I park in it during the winter months.  It’s just one of the many ways he shows how much he loves me.  With the motorcycle in there, we can only fit one other vehicle.

So now I’m on the warpath to get the clutter out of the house so I can move onto bigger and better things, like painting.

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2 Responses to two bookshelves left to go

  1. Congratulations on having gotten so much done! I hope they can fix the bridge soon!

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