guitar man

Last night, as I was showering, I heard sweet sounding music.  My husband was serenading me, on his guitar, from the bedroom.

Scuba Man has taken guitar lessons from a great instructor here in Richmond, Matt Rise.  Matt enjoys teaching him and he enjoys Matt’s teaching.  They enjoy playing together and seem to always have a good time during the lessons.

The hubby has gotten good at playing.  He’s not concert material by any means, but when he plays, it sounds wonderful to me.  He knows I love to hear him play and sometimes he plays just for me.

Scuba Man is not the most romantic man in the sense of what most women consider romantic.  I rarely get flowers, we rarely go out for candlelight dinners, rarely any spur of the moment gifts (unless bringing home ice cream counts 🙂 ).

But, he is very romantic if you ask me.  Coming upstairs to the bedroom and playing his guitar while I am showering was so romantic to me that I has tears in my eyes thinking about how much he loves me.  He gives me unexpected hugs, wants to hold my hand when we walk, brings me a cup of coffee every morning when I’m getting ready for work.

He opens the car door for me and helps me on with my coat.  He always tells me he loves me before either one of us leave the house or leave work.  He doesn’t think it’s silly for me to spend money on massages.  Matter of fact, he encourages it because he knows how they relax me.

He’ll cuddle me when I’m cold.  He takes care of me when I’m sick.  He holds me when I cry.  There are so many other things he does that are romantic to me.  Every day I not only hear that he loves me, I feel it in all he does.

He may not be considered the best husband in the world, but he’s the best husband for me.  I am so very blessed!

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4 Responses to guitar man

  1. Hi Shell,
    I don’t know how you measure good husbands but he is certainly way up there on the scale for me! Your post is really romantic 🙂

  2. melsar93 says:

    Um. Kinda setting the bar a little high there Scuba Man.

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